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In this world, Europe still has many colonies around the world, all held by the empires of the 1880s.

The beginnings of this European world first began during the Berlin Conference in 1885, attended by all of Europe's nations, in which they decided to split the entire world between them. They also approved 101 years of peace, meaning that all nations who signed the Berlin Conference Agreement are not allowed to declare war on each other. However, the Berlin Agreement did not go in effect until at the peace treaty of the Great European Expansive Wars, the war that was done to conquer the territories agreed upon in the Berlin Conference, accept for the 101 years of peace.

When the peace treaty was signed in Warsaw, know as the Treaty of Warsaw, a golden age and economic prosperity came in for the Europe. The colonies provided great wealth to Europe and made the world 30 years ahead in technology since 1906; for example, while the year may be 1935, world technology is of 1965. During 101 years of peace, or some historians know as the 101 Great Years of Europe, boundaries change very little. However, the 101 years of peace have ended, and a great war has broken out and has changed the balance of power.


Countries of Europa Gloria Edit

  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Her Possessions
    1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Her Possessions, or more commonly known as the United Kingdom, is made of the USA, most of Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, eastern China, Nigeria, Egypt, Brunei, Ireland, the UAE, Oman, A small part of Iran near the Strait of Hormuz, Ghana, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Djibouti. The United Kingdom is extremely wealthy and has the world's largest navy. The British government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliament and prime minister; the parliament and the prime minister are elected by anybody that is a subject of the monarch. The government is very democratic and is the part of the Triple Alliance with France and the Russian empire.
  2. The French Sixth Republic
    1. The French Sixth Republic, or more commonly as France, is made of France, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Southern China, Small parts of Burma, 
  3. Switzerland
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