This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

Rules Edit

  • Each turn is one year
  • Be realistic
  • For now, there is one mod (me) There will be more if this game gets popular
  • At least one person must go before you can go again
  • Independence takes 3 years. So, for example:
  • 1890- You declare independence
  • 1891- Something else happens
  • 1892- Something else happens
  • 1893- Something else happens and you get independence. (The player that's making the map then should add your country as you described it in 1890, except for countries that are just too big. Those should first be accepted by a mod first)
  • Mods can post multiple years after each other if it takes too long
  • You can declare war on any country with any country, there are no "claimed" countries, I'll do them in Europe 1890 Map Game V2 <- Link will be added once map game is made
  • You can submit rules, these will be either accepted or rejected by a mod

Submitted rules Edit


Current mods Edit


1890 Edit

  • Nations established
  • Game starts in 1890
  • Feel free to add colors and names
  • Next turn is 1891, of course
  • Be realistic ;)
  • ENJOY!
  • (I won't do anything special this turn)

1891 Edit

  • The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg unite as Benelux
  • After increasing segregation and maltrreatment several influential Irishmen converge at argillan castle in early May and plan for independence before increasing public support and declaring independence. They hope for a diplomatic resolution but arm 10,000 men in case.
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