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  • Welcome to Fallout (Map Game), a map game set in the universe of the Fallout series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games, taking place in The Commonwealth, the location of the game Fallout 4.

This game contains spoilers for the game Fallout 4

Scenario: (The scenario may be subject to change based on player input before we start) The year is 2288, a few months after the would-be start of the game Fallout 4. In this timeline the "Sole Survivor" either never existed, or soon after the events of the game disappeared from notoriety. The Institute has been destroyed (assume the Minutemen ending occurred), although its remnants still loom in the Commonwealth. The Minutemen have united many of the region's settlements and has formed a provisional government over the whole of the Commonwealth, however much of the wasteland still alludes its control. The Railroad, having realized its primary goal of liberating the synths/destroying the Institute, continues to aid synths, but is generally not noteworthy around the Commonwealth yet. The Brotherhood of Steel looms unsatisfied, as it becomes clear that they intend to do more than just destroy the Institute, turning its attention toward subjugation. Other important factions include the Gunners, who have managed to prosper and bolster their ranks by allowing settlement within their borders, and the many raider factions. These include Nuka-World, who has managed to unite the park and now turns its attention east to the Commonwealth. Likewise the largest raider gangs have begun turning their loosely held territory into city states; Libertalia becomes one of the largest towns in the northeast, while South Boston falls under the sway of Boss Bosco and Lexington under Boss Jared. Caught in the middle, the major cities of Diamond City, Goodneighbor, and Bunker Hill, as well as the regional powers of Covenant, The Slog, and more seek to carve out their own domains in the chaos.

Fallout 2289.75.png
The current map.
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This section is a work in progress.



  • Players should remain plausible and realistic with their nations, keeping in mind the scope of the game and its nations, the lack of resources/technology/manpower, and other factions that would prevent any nation from rebuilding the old world, for example.
  • Players should follow the ideology of the nation, unless gradual and realistic steps are taken to reform. E.g. Maxson's Brotherhood should continue to be anti-synth/ghoul/mutant, the Railroad should work to free synths, etc.
  • Keep within the theme and limitations of the Fallout universe. This means no major technology advancements or radical changes to the lore.
  • The Fallout timeline already established before and leading up to the start of Fallout 4 is considered canon here as well, and should be respected throughout the game.
  • Players may settle new towns and areas, but they must be plausibly located and logical. Additionally pre-existing in-game locations should be used rather than new places where possible.
  • Each turn will correspond to three month periods.


Major Factions

  • Provisional Government/Minutemen - Zsasza (talk)
  • Brotherhood of Steel - Jbrown872 (talk)
  • Railroad - El Jefe 316
  • Gunners - Kingconor (talk) 04:27, February 27, 2018 (UTC)
  • Diamond City - Colgan dog (talk) 00:58, March 16, 2018 (UTC)
  • Goodneighbor -
  • Bunker Hill (Paying tribute to Tower Tom, Libertalia, Sinjin, and Bosco) -

Minor Factions

  • Covenant -
  • The Slog -
  • Vault 81 -
  • Children of Atom - Chief40 (talk) 04:13, March 4, 2018 (UTC)
  • Libertalia - Vandenhoek (talk) 04:47, February 27, 2018 (UTC)

Raider Factions

  • Nuka-World (Controls all of Nuka-World and the western most parts of the map) - Thecoldmalsyw (talk) 04:45, February 27, 2018 (UTC)
  • Lexington (Jared's Crew) -
  • South Boston (Bosco) -
  • Triggermen (Headquartered at Vault 114, also controls Park Street Station, Four Leaf Fishpacking, Easy Town Downs/East Boston, and numerous businesses/fronts) -
  • The Forged -
  • Atom Cats -
  • Rust Devils -
  • Tourette Sisters -
  • Walden Pond -
  • Tower Tom (Controls BADTFL Regional Office near Bunker Hill and Beantown Brewery, pays tribute to Tourette Sisters) - Wallyparker (talk) 23:34, March 13, 2018 (UTC)
  • Sinjin's Gang -
  • Hyde Park -
  • Sully Mathis -
  • Ack-Ack -
  • Pickman -
  • Clutch/Backstreet Apparel) -
  • Monsignor Square -

The Game


Fallout Map Game Work In Progress Resized.png

Extensive fortifications around the Gunner-held city of Quincy are completed. Many from across the southern Commonwealth choose to settle within the newly-reformed town, and many are recruited into the Gunner ranks. The increased activity in the region leads to conflict with enemy factions, such as the Atom Cats and the raiders of Hyde Park.

The Nuka-World Overboss, having united the parks, arrives at the head of an army on the border of the Commonwealth, preparing to launch an invasion.

Libertalia has been reformed into a settlement in the north of the Commonwealth. The growing population causes the town to look toward expanding south and north onto Nahant Island.

The Provisional Government of the Commonwealth is formed with the Minutemen being reformed into the young nation's military, and Preston Garvey being selected as leader until elections can take place.

The Triggermen officially subjugate East Boston, turning Easy Town Downs into a major settlement and attraction. They continue paying tribute to Libertalia to the east.

The Brotherhood of Steel remains in the Commonwealth, settling the region around Boston Airport, and looking toward expansion.

The most prestigious of the Boston raider bosses, Bosco, unifies much of South Boston in a tentative confederacy, seeking to unite the region under his control.

The Railroad slips back into the shadows, focusing on helping synths now that the Institute is gone, however, it still has the resources to potentially expand.

  • Brotherhood of Steel: The destruction of the Institute is celebrated. Elder Maxson makes a speech stating that the Brotherhood must assist in continuing to hunt down the Institute, and also cleanse The Commonwealth as a whole. Satisfied by Libertalia's shift toward a proper state, we cease attacks against them, as long as they continue away from raider culture. Likewise we allow the Easy Town inhabitants to live in peace, although Brotherhood personal enter the area long the border in order to secure our position. Immigrants from the Capital Wasteland are moved to settle around Boston Airport, and important facilities are moved from the Prydwen onto the ground into newly constructed or renovated buildings. Forces are sent to Chelsea to pacify the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard and the neighboring Poseidon Energy installation, hoping to capture some important infrastructure and technology. Additionally the base in Cambridge is reinforced so that members there can explore Cambridge and investigate the Institute ruins, in search of their technology or any synths. Later, the Brotherhood also sends an expedition to capture the nearby General Atomics Factory, likewise for any technology.
  • Provisional Commonwealth: The Castle is selected as the temporary capital of the Commonwealth, as well as the headquarters for Minutemen activities. Other settlements, such as Starlight, are built up as potential permanent capital locations. Additional artillery is installed at the Castle and other major settlements. At the Castle we prepare forces for a possible assault west against the orange faction to secure that region for settlement. First the area is bombarded with artillery, and then ground forces are sent in to secure important strategic locations, such as Andrew Station and the South Boston Police Department headquarters. More to Come.
    • FYI the orange indicates super mutants gangs.
  • Gunners: We encourage settlement of Quincy and other territories we control. Conscription begins and vigorous training to creating a large fighting force. We declare war on Vault 81 to secure its technology and people for the Gunners. Violence is minimized as we simply want to subjugate the vault, not destroy it. Defenses are placed at the Weston Relay Tower, and a large army is gathered there. The new base serves as an outpost to secure Vault 81, as well as Weston Water Treatment, and that plant is scouted out. Secretly, the base is also a position to launch a strike against Oberland Station potentially should the Minutemen cross us. Similar buildup occurs outside Vault 88. But for now we continue an uneasy peace. In the south our forces assault Neponset Park and Jamaica Plain in order to connect our headquarters at Gunner Plaza with Quincy.
    • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We offer Vault 81 our protection and demand that the Gunners stand down immediately and cease all attempts to forcefully subjugate independent city states.
    • Gunner Diplomacy: We refuse and state that any attempt to subvert our efforts at Vault 81 will count as a declaration of war.
    • Commonwealth: We secretly begin mobilization across our territory. Soldiers from the north (aside from the Sunshine Tiding garrison) are ordered to march to Vault 81. Troops in the south prepare to march from Warwick Homestead to Quincy.
  • Nuka-World: Overboss Colter the Magnanimous arrives at the head of his royal procession at the Nuka-World Transit Center, which he renames Coltertown, the new capital for Commonwealth exploits. After a year of procrastination, Colter united the parks, and thus re-won the loyalty of the raider gangs temporarily. But it soon became clear that the gangs needed further income and more subjects, and so the Gauntlet was temporarily closed, traders and settlers were allowed into Nuka-World to work for the raiders, the attractions were even reopened to steal caps from the pockets of travelers, and the raiders turned their sights east to subjugate the fertile Commonwealth. Coltertown if heavily fortified and turned into a proper stronghold for the ferrying raider army. The raiders find their first target in the nearby Federal Ration Stockpile. We launch a surprise raid against the installation and easily defeat the raiders there. Those not killed in the initial attack surrender and join the empire in exchange for their lives, and are allowed to continue living at the stockpile, which is turned into another outpost. Meanwhile another raid is launched against Sunshide Tiding. It is discovered that a much more advanced faction dwells here, and for now we withdraw south.
  • Libertalia: The city continues to expand as new settlers flock to the fortress of the northwestern Commonwealth. Desperate to alleviate overcrowding we send out scouting parties to nearby locations to procure boats, ships, and rafts to add to the floating city. But that isn't enough, as more and more people settle upon the nearby land. In the south the government orders a wall along the border with the Brotherhood marking where people are allowed to settle, stopping the shanty town that grew north north of Nordhagen Beach. This is done to remain on the Brotherhood's good side, as more expansion south might be seen as an aggressive move. A well defended gate is built in the south in an attempt to welcome trade from Nordhagen and elsewhere. In the north there is no such limit on exploration and expansion. Nahant Wharf, the northernmost point of the city, is expanded greatly. At the same time explorer parties are sent into the island to clear it of hostile creatures and raiders, and pave the way for settlement. Croup Manor is taken after a tough battle, and becomes the headquarters for armed forces on the island. Some venture north to the mainland as well, where they report of Gunner activities.
    • The Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel are considered enemies, their goals are completely opposite.
    • oops sorry i only played new vegas so im a little rusty on fallout 4 lore can u maybe brush me up on the railroads history and relationships.
    • Just skim through this page. Basically their goal is to free synths and help them escape or adjust to the wasteland. So they are enemies with the Brotherhood since the Brotherhood believes all synths should be killed. They're basically neutral toward the Minutemen and most everyone else. You don't control much territory directly (yet) but have a large network of secret bases and agents throughout the Commonwealth. Your headquarters is Old North Church which is I think is the beige colored area in the North End. Also I believe Bunker Hill is either allied with you or aligned to you, because there's a Railroad base within Bunker Hill too. ~Zsasza
    • This is accurate, you're hostile to the Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, and any Raiders, negative with Diamond City and Covenant, neutral with Minutemen, Goodneighbor, everyone else, and positive with Bunker Hill.


Fallout 2288.25.1.png

The initial Gunner siege of Vault 81 is driven back by the Minutemen with heavy losses on both sides.

Raiders under the command of Bosco seize the Boston Police Rationing Site south of Diamond City.

The Rust Devils come into conflict with Gunners along their western border near the Mass Pike Interchange.

Minutemen forces traveling by land from Warwick Homestead toward Quincy are ambushed by ghouls from the Northern Star. The Minutemen force recovers, but is delayed from reaching the front.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: Our forces in South Boston are placed under the command of Ronnie Shaw and ordered to hold their positions, fortifying heavily the path to the Castle, making sure that the Gunners to the west cannot advance further. The Warwick-Spectacle regiments are ordered to regroup and dispose of the Norwegian ghouls at the Northern Star, in order to secure the road into Warwick Homestead. Once removed, the Northern Star is to be fortified as well until Quincy can be assaulted. The northern reserves are moved to Taffington, in order to defend that settlement and prepare to assault Vault 75. The remainder of our forces are either garrisoning Sunshine Tiding, or en route to the front near Oberland and Vault 81. We send messages to the Atom Cats asking for an alliance against the Gunners near Quincy. Additionally we attempt to persuade the robots of the General Atomics Galleria to join our efforts. In that respect our representatives are unsuccessful, however we do manage to reset their firmware, allowing Minutemen forces to pass through safely. Because of this a sneak attack is launched on the Gunner-held radio tower to the northeast.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. The expansion into Nahant continues slowly, with the police station and Croup Manor having been turned into heavily defended outposts. The rest of the island is to be pacified over the course of the rest of the year. The city's government is amused by the Railroad's declaration. Since the previous tyrannical leader of Libertalia was in fact a synth, many within the nation are anti-synth and anti-Railroad, however the government doesn't necessarily stop the Railroad from aiding or aligning with Libertalia. We also place defenses along the bridge going into Nahant, as we want to use this as a checkpoint to enter our territory. We also hope to use this bridge as a trade route with the settlements of the northeast. It soon becomes clear that this will prove difficult, as the nearby Gunner installations to the northwest, and the Children of Atom settlers of the Kingsport Lighthouse, are both largely hostile to traders. We begin building up our forces, perhaps to push back these factions in the future. We do manage to trade with Longneck Lukowski's, which supplies a steady supply of, albeit shady, meat products.
  • Nuka-World: More and more raiders are funneled into the Commonwealth. Our ranks are also filled by recruiting and attracting new raider groups from the Commonwealth. Colter decrees that all those who surrender and pledge allegience to him will be spared and offered a spot in the ranks. Expeditions push east and seize Arcjet Systems after a brief fight with locals. The place is looted and garrisoned. A two prong offensive is launched, with one group seizing Rocky Narrows Park and enslaving the small settlement there, and another assaulting Walden Pond. In the south we also clash with Rust Devils, but for now we don't advance too far into their territory. Some do manage to slip through or around their territory, reaching Natick. After a show of force and several skirmishes we manage to persuade the raiders there to join us. A costly war for the rest of the town ensues with many of the region's hostile creatures.
  • The Railroad: after a dumb decision by the railroad embarrasses many of the people but they instead decide to find an ally in the minutemen and tries to approach them on the subject of the gunners and due to the gunners relations with raider groups they approach the minutemen to offer help (Mod Response)
    • Minutemen Diplomacy: We accept the aid of the Railroad.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: The settlement of the region around the Boston Airport continues, with more and more people being settled from The Prydwen onto the ground. Defenses are placed in our positions in Everett. As part of the mission to secure technology and territory in Cambridge, in the absense of the Institute, forces from Everett move south by land into the region. The first target is the Greentech Genetics building, which the Brotherhood believes houses important technology. An assault is launched by air to seize the building from the Gunners, while the ground forces from the north move south to join the fight as well, albeit later after being stalled by raiders under Tower Tom. With war having broken out against the Gunners an aerial assault is also carried out against the Custom House Tower, to remove the threat just outside the Boston Airport. An offer is extended to the Minutemen, stating that we will work with them, if they end their tolerance of synths and other abominations.
    • Minutemen Diplomacy: We thank the Brotherhood for their help and hope that we can both work to destroy the Gunners, however we are forced to reject their offer officially, as the Minutemen wants no harm to befall the synths and others.
  • Gunners: The war continues against the Minutemen and Vault 81. To aid the war effort conscription continues and the tax and tribute rate is raised across our territory. In the southeast the contingent under Lieutenant Clint is split into three; Clint personally guards Quincy, particularly from the north and east, Sergeant Baker is to continue the siege of Vault 88, and Tessa is to march north and attack the Minutemen position in South Boston. She is joined by the group already garrisoning South Boston, as well as reinforcements from the north at the Mass Bay Medical Center. In Cambridge we are outgunned by the Brotherhood of Steel, however we continue to harass Greentech Genetics, while also ferrying away as much technology as we can. We offer peace with the Brotherhood, allowing them to take Greentech Genetics and the other captured points, in exchange for leaving the rest of our territory alone and agreeing to not advance further north than Everett. With the majority of our forces in the west dedicated to the siege of Vault 81 and Oberland Station, we also launch a surprise attack of Greygarden from the west (walking by land past Weston Water Treatment). We also send forces to attack Hangman's Alley from the south, passing through/around Hardware Town.
  • Children of the Atom: The church decides that in order to continue to grow and propser, they will cease senseless attacks against the people of the Commonwealth. This is justified by a vision stating that one must accept Atom first, not just be forcefully irradiated. High Confessor Tektus declares himself the head of all churches in the Commonwealth and beyond, and sends travelers to all corners of the region to impose this new edict. In Maine the Children propose peace with the inhabitants of Far Harbor, although distrust remains in the air. Meanwhile a large group of heavily armed followers are sent back to the Commonwealth. Because of the distance the branches of the church within the Commonwealth are granted heavily autonomy. Mother Isolde is declared the head leader within the Commonwealth, although her direct territory in the Glowing Sea is largely disconnected from all else. Grand Zealot Richter is placed in command of the expedition to the south, which lands at Salem. The group manages to kill or drive off the inhabitants of the town, linking up with the nearby church followers of the Crater Home and Kingsport Lighthouse. Richter and his group gets to work fortifying Salem and turning the area into a proper town, and seeks to strengthen ties with the other church installations in the area.


Fallout 2288.50.png

The Atom Cats accept the Minutemen offer and join their war against the Gunners.

The Battle of South Boston results in a Gunner victory, with the Minutemen being pushed back toward the outskirts of the Castle, and Andrew Station and the nearby police station falling into Gunner hands.

A man named Barney Rook manages to survive the Children of Atom takeover of Salem and flees west, seeking to become a Minutemen commander, and potentially convince them to help him liberate Salem.

The city of Greygarden is successfully sacked by the Gunners, however they soon find their supply route cut off by super mutants and Rust Devils, leaving that group of Gunners isolated.

The Minutemen relationship with the General Atomics Galleria pays off, as Minutemen forces manage to push into Gunner territory and seize most of the outposts north of Vault 75.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: After the defeat in South Boston the plans to assault Quincy are temporarily put on hold. Forces remain in reserve just east of the city guarding the way into Warwick, which will continue to apply pressure to the city, with Atom Cats assistance. The rest of the men in the south are ferried to the Castle immediately to protect the settlement and slowly push back the Gunner advance in South Boston. The sudden attack in Greygarden also deals a blow to the war effort. Reserves from Sunshine Tiding and the north are moved in to retake the city, as are some units further south (troops are moved away from Vault 81 to Oberland, from Oberland to Greygarden). Meanwhile in the far north we try to capitalize on the victory near the Galleria by pushing south to Vault 75. The vault is surrounded, as men from Taffington join the fight as well.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. The expansion into Nahant continues slowly, with the police station and Croup Manor having been turned into heavily defended outposts. We finish pacifying the rest of the island, and settlement begins all along the coast. We are glad that the Children of Atom have moved toward more peaceful ventures, and ask for a trade agreement with them. With their blessing we will begin creating caravans to travel to their territory, and we ask that both parties help to protect the caravans from the nearby Gunners and other threats.
  • Children of Atom: We accept the offer from Libertalia and begin outfitting traders and caravans to travel south to Nahant. Armed guards also patrol the area north of the bridge to ensure they are not attacked, and we vow to invade the Gunner held territory in the region if they choose to attack us or our trade partners at any time. We decide to incorporate Longneck Lukowski's Cannery into our nation seeing the potential business opportunities. The cannery owner is not harmed, rather we help to expand his business and post guards to defend it, in exchange for him recognizing our sovereignty over the region and paying light taxes like any business would. After a tough fight we manage to take the Museum of Witchcraft and secure the building, having suffered heavy casualties. It is turned into an important outpost for now.
  • Gunners: Seeing the Minutemen close in on Graygarden once more, we order a retreat. Meanwhile additional forces from all across our western territory move north and both forces assault Weston Water Treatment from both sides. They manage to take the water treatment plant, the northern group having sustained heavy losses along the way. Likewise we withdraw from Cambridge. Those forces take the Boston Bugle Building instead, as part of our efforts to secure downtown Boston. Additional forces are sent to South Boston, where we slowly push toward the Castle. Some men from Jamaica Plain join that fight, connecting Jamaica Plain to our territory further north. We similarly send additional forces east from Gunner Plaza to better surround Vault 88. We send a message to the Children of Atom that we have no intention of disrupting their trade. Instead we allow the Libertalia caravans to pass, and actually try to join the two parties with trade of our own. We again sue for peace with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: We receive the offer from the Gunners for peace and draft a counteroffer. We demand that the Gunners recognize all our territorial acquisitions, forfeit any claims over Cambridge, Everett, and Chelsea, refrain from settling south of Vault 75, pay us a monthly war indemnity of caps and supplies (for the next five years), and provide us with men should the Brotherhood call upon them. Should the Gunners refuse we will be forced to continue the war and remove the Gunners from the north of the Commonwealth. In the meantime we fortify our captured locations, and send men to the battle in South Boston. We are displeased by the Minutemen, and as such we cancel any supplies or financial aid to them, althouth the battle in South Boston undoubtably helps them inadvertedly. An aerial attack is carried out to seize the Mass Fusion building. This wipes out the Gunners there, but more importantly, captures the beryllium agitator to help repair Liberty Prime.
  • Nuka-World: We launch an attack to capture Sunshine Tiding and raid deeper into Minutemen territory. Minor attacks hit Dumlin Diner and outposts around Greygarden. In the south we secure Natick, and most of those forces march north into Rust Devil territory, surrounding Fort Hagen on two sides.


Fallout 2288.75.png

Although the Gunners are able to temporarily close in on the Castle, weakened by the Brotherhood of Steel attack in South Boston, they are pushed back to roughly the same front lines as earlier in the year.

Raiders capture Sunshine Tiding, enslaving or killing most of its inhabitants. Greygarden is also nearly destroyed, as are most other locations in the region, either at the hands of the Nuka-World raiders or as a consequence of the war with the Gunners.

The Forged come into conflict with nearby Gunner positions, having secured their hold over Dunwich Borers and conquering Finch Farm.

A major battle breaks out between the Gunners, Minutemen, Hardware Town, and Bosco's Raiders south of Hangman's Alley that leaves the settlement damaged.

Oberland station is seized by the Gunners after a lengthy and costly siege.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: With Greygarden secured we begin fortifying the settlement and repairing it to the best of our ability. From here we move on to recapture Oberland Station. Any remaining troops in the north are moved to retake Sunshine Tiding. Some forces from the Siege of Vault 75 are transferred there, seeing as the Gunners are now essentially trapped within the vault. We send a request to Diamond City asking that together we launch a joint expedition to secure the area north of Diamond City, including the USS Riptide, in order to ensure that trade routes can be made safely between Boston and Cambridge/the north. A congress is assembled and called to Zimonja temporarily where a constitution is drafted. Preston Garvey is again elected as leader, although by a much smaller margin, as other contenders launch their own campaigns. Regi Blattaria leads a faction calling for peace immediately and withdrawal, coming in second place. Other candidates include Barney Rook. We begin drafting a possible peace treaty with the Gunners, in which we demand they withdraw from South Boston, Oberland, and Vault 75, and recognize the sovereignty of Vault 81.
    • Diamond City accepts this offer.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. Nahant is secured and settled, and more and more settlers are attracted to the island by the promise of free land and resources. We decide to create a proper army by recruiting men from within the nation to undergo training, in case of an attack. We are glad to hear the news that Hub City will not interfere with trade routes, and we welcome trade with the Gunners as well. Trade flourishes with the Children of Atom, and also with the settlers of Easy Town and Brotherhood-held Nordhagen.
  • Beantown: The raiders under Tower Tom use up the last of their food reserves after the scheme of extorting the Tourette Sisters has ended. It becomes clear that the Tourette gang is no more, and is part of the Nuka-World horde instead. The gang continues by raiding the weakened Minutemen instead and other nearby areas, but even that proves unreliable due to the desolation brought on by the war with Gunners. Instead Tower Tom decides to reorganize his operation. The Beantown Brewery is converted into a stronghold and shelter, henceforth known as just Beantown. He announces that all refugees from the war and settlers are welcome to live there. In exchange the newcomers must work, allowing the original raiders, who now function as guards primarily, to live as elites and not have to farm or do much labor. Initially people are understandably skeptical, but as the war drags on and people get desperate, the first people arrive at Beantown, and soon word spreads. Outside the stronghold the first farms are created to be worked by newcomers. The main source of supplies and caps however is the brewery, which Tower Tom manages to turn into a new brewery. For now the gang's reorganization is funded almost completely by selling or trading stored up alcohol, and the gang begins making more. We decide to make a deal with the Minutemen, stating that we apologize for our past raiding ways, promise to trade beer and whatever else we can with them, and help them in their war, but only if they recognize our sovereignty, pledge to protect us and our trade routes, and supply us with experts, investments, technology, etc to help jumpstart the brewery (which would benefit both of us). Until they reply our men are put on alert to protect the new town and build defenses around the perimeter. Some men also venture north the Cambridge Police Station with a white flag, asking for a dialogue with the Brotherhood of Steel. We similarly apologize for raiding, and ask that the Brotherhood becomes trade partners with us and not attack either of our two installations.
    • Minutemen Diplomacy: We accept the offer from Beantown.
  • Gunners: Determined to strike a deal with the Brotherhood of Steel by the end of the year, we begin drafting a new peace treaty. We propose that Gunner and Brotherhood representatives meet in a central location (Custom House Tower perhaps?) We make it known that we cannot allow the provision granting the Brotherhood to take supplies and men from us as they see fit, as the Gunners are a sovereign nation, and that would violate our sovereignty. Instead we propose that we will pay a large indemnity of caps and supplies as they proposed, plus access to technical documents and technology we control. We propose that a border be created just south of downtown Malden (between Med-Tek Research and West Everett), which we will not settle south of. Cambridge will likewise be ceded to the Brotherhood. We also offer a provision that we will take up the anti-synth stance that the Brotherhood has, capturing or killing all synths, and handing over any knowledge or technology relating to synths when we discover it in the future. Meanwhile the war continues with the Minutemen. More and more soldiers are brought to South Boston to push toward the Castle. Sensing a counterattack against Oberland coming we move north and attack the Minutemen near Beantown with about half of our forces there. In an attempt to relieve Vault 75 a group departs from Hub City in an attempt to reach the besieged, passing south into Revere and Chelsea before marching to the Vault's aid. The rest of the men in the north prepare to defend against the Forged.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: More and more people are settled in the area around Boston Airport or Nordhagen, from all across the Commonwealth and from the Capital Wasteland. People and facilities are transferred from the Prydwen to the ground at more permanent locations. Fort Strong also becomes a large settlement, its facilities having been converted into a fort, manufactory, research center, training center, and more. We send a counter offer to Tower Tom and "Beantown". We ask that Tower Tom hand over the BADTFL regional office to us. The people there will be allowed to leave with all their belongings and supplies, and will be escorted back to Beantown. In exchange the Brotherhood will aid Beantown in creating its settlement and brewery, and will become a trade partner of theirs. Brotherhood forces operating in the Northend attack the Boston Bugle building in order to remove the Gunner installation there. We accept the offer to meet at the Custom House Tower for peace negotiations.
    • Gunner diplomacy: We agree to sign the Custom House Tower agreement.


Fallout 2289.png

Although the Nuka-World raiders in charge of the raid at Sunshine Tiding outnumber the Minutemen counterattack, and even are successful in repulsing an initial attack, the raider commander decides to abandon the settlement, taking as much loot and captives as he can, for fear of a proper Minutemen response. The settlement is left in near ruin.

Julian Hawthorne is elected mayor in Diamond City, replacing Mayor McDonough. Hawthorne criticizes McDonough for not doing enough to keep the city safe, and calls for expansionist policies. He also ends the ban against ghouls and seeks to increase settlement and immigration, now that the Institute threat seems to be gone.

Beantown becomes one of the most popular destinations for refugees of the Gunner-Minutemen War in the western Commonwealth. It also attracts a large number of Gunner deserters from the Oberland region. However, this leads to Gunner soldiers attacking many Beantown citizens and defenses, possibly inadvertedly.

The joint Diamond City-Minutemen expedition to take the USS Riptide is successful, with the area just north of Diamond City and the bridge falling under Diamond City's control. The operation also allows the Minutemen to safely resupply Hangman's Alley and other isolated positions in the area.

Oberland falls back into the hands of the Minutemen, although the battle for the surrounding area continues at Beantown, Newton Heights, and all around Vault 81, making the Minutemen's grasp of Oberland tenuous.

Despite the Minutemen's hesitation to do so, the Atom Cats begin attacking Quincy more directly, finding some success at whittling down the Gunner defenses.

  • Gunners: Gunners: Now that we have made peace with the Brotherhood of Steel we begin focusing on the Minutemen more heavily. Forces from Boston and South Boston are moved to attack east toward the Castle. Near Oberland we continue to harass the defenders there, and try to stop the men fleeing to Beantown. We warn them that we are prepared to enact vengence against them unless they turn over our men and supplies, and any Minutemen citizens. In the far west we stay near Weston and simply try to hold the position there rather than return toward Greygarden. With the men from Hub City, we will attempt to make a break out from Vault 75 and push back the Minutemen out of Malden.
  • Nuka-World: The subordinate in charge of the Sunshine Tiding garrison is executed for his cowardice. Nonetheless we still manage to leave the place with a very impressive amount of slaves and caps. We decide to launch a large raid against Greygarden, which is successful. However, the area is heavily defended and already heavily damaged, so we take what we can and leave. Instead we decide to raid the area north of that settlement, seizing trade caravans and military supplies, reaching as far east as the outskirts of Lexington. Another group travels as far north as Concord, but finds that it is heavily defended. In the south we continue securing Natick and waring against the Rust Devils. We offer them a deal; join us as an equal member of the Nuka-World alliance, and thus aiding us, and in exchange they will be allowed their autonomy (and lives) and a chance to use the various advanced technologies that we possess at Nuka-World. This is to appeal to the technological side of the Rust Devils, and also indirectly helps us by hopefully finding away to outfit various robots and gear in the park for the war effort. A large force garrisons the Boston Mayoral Shelter awaiting their response. We also begin harassing the Gunners around the Mass Pike Interchange and the surrounding area.
  • Diamond City: Julian Hawthorne makes sweeping reforms to the economy to ease it up a little, but doesn’t need much work since diamond city has a great economy, best in its respective region. The USS riptide expodition brings back new resources, food and high tech weapons. The new national anthem of diamond city is that theme you hear at baseball games, don’t know what you call it lol. Diamond City sees great expansion and is built upon greatly. (Hey can the map maker or the organizer of this game tell me what color diamond city is on the map? Thanks). We request to establish some sort of “embassy” in The Gunner’s largest settlement (PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED). Diamond City’s guard’s are armed with the new high tech weapons, and begin to be trained how to use them. 10 ghouls are welcomed in with open arms, and the people are told to accept them into society, as they will be expecting more in the future. Along with the ghouls, some 20 survivors arrive at our doorsteps, and we accept them as well.
    • You're the light green nation that's pretty much in the center of the map. Also are you thinking of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?
    • Minutemen Diplomacy: We hear about the offer to the Gunners, and since we are already on good terms with Diamond City and cooperating to take the USS Riptide, we ask that we also be allowed an embassy in Diamond City, and allow you to create an embassy of your own in our territory.
  • Provisional Commonwealth: Sunshine Tiding is heavily fortified by the relief force and we begin the process of rebuilding to repulse the Nuka-World invaders. Their attacks weaken the war effort against the Gunners, as we begin devoting men to patrol north of Greygarden and also garrison that settlement and others. We accept the offer from Beantown, giving them aid and help in establishing themselves. We ask that they in turn help us against the Gunners, since the Gunners are a threat to both of us. Because of the Nuka-World threat we are unable to capitalize much on recent success against the Gunners, rather we seek to simply hold our positions at Oberland and Hangman's Alley. We are able to supply Hangman's Alley thanks to the joint operation at the USS Riptide, opening up The Fens for friendly forces and for trade. The siege of Vault 75 continues, with many more troops arriving there or patrolling the northern Commonwealth. In the south we continue pushing out from the Castle into South Boston, and upon hearing of the Atom Cats' attacks, we immediately order the men east of Quincy to join in on the assault. We also send men and supplies to the Atom Cats by sea.
  • Beantown: The renovation of the old brewery continues with more and more settlers being put to work farming, repairing old structures, or creating defenses. We are glad that the Minutemen have accepted our offer, and we use their help to work on getting the brewery operational once more. We also accept the Brotherhood of Steel offer, since we need as much help as we can get. We decide to cut our losses at the position in east Cambridge and take as much food as we can and head back to Beantown, with the Brotherhood escort. As per the Minutemen request we declare war on the Gunners, although at this point we will be fighting almost entirely defensively, as we are still building and don't want to overextend ourselves. Simply any Gunners attempting to attack our installations, stop the refugees and settlers, or harm us in any way will be attacked. As a show of force we do send a small force to join the Minutemen at Oberland, consisting of our most hardened former raiders. They are also given instructions to take whatever armor and equipment they can loot of the Gunners or acquire from our allies to outfit the rest of our men. In order to keep the supply line into Beantown open we also send some workers and guards to secure the bridge going over the Charles, and establish a position on the adjacent block in Cambridge, connecting our territory to the Brotherhood position. The first shipments of alcohol are sent to the Brotherhood and Minutemen in the north, and later also east into Boston. Operations are low due to the war, but caravans will soon begin making runs from Beantown to Hangman's Alley, from there to Diamond City, and perhaps elsewhere. Tower Tom tries to preserve his good relationships with other raider gangs, and sends envoys to Hardware Town and Bosco hoping to establish trade there as well, slowly transforming the lawless areas into communities. He doesn't have high hopes however, rather at the very least he hopes the gangs will accept a non aggression pact in exchange for beer shipments.
  • Libertalia: With the pacification of Nahant complete more and more settlers are brought to settle the region and help rebuild its facilities. The recent opening of trade routes with the outside world is a major boon to this expansion. The training of the military continues with success, and in order to test and battleharden this force, a military operation is devised. A combined sea and land attack is launched on Gibson Point pier just south of Hub City. The place is found to be largely abandoned albeit infested with mirelurks, which our soldiers manage to dispatch of with minimal casaulties.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: We conclude the Custom House Tower meeting with the Gunners satisfied and withdraw our forces from their territories. The areas taken through the treaty are garrisoned and fortified. We continue settling the area in and around Boston Airport, with more and more people being brought in from the Capital Wasteland and elsewhere. The Beantown men are escorted through Cambridge as we promised without incident. Afterword we take over the facility they had in the east, searching the place for supplies and technology. Also this year Liberty Prime is repaired and kept at the Boston Airport in case it's needed.


Fallout 2289.25.png

Representatives from Bunker Hill make their last payments to Tower Tom at Beantown, claiming that since Beantown is now a legitimate settlement that has denounced raiding, they should be allowed to cancel their tribute payments. They offer a trade agreement instead.

Kendall Hospital is taken over by a raider boss named Augusta, who manages to unite downtown Cambridge around the facility.

The Rust Devils initially decline the offer from Nuka-World, but after losing most of their leadership in a costly battle outside Fort Hagen, the remaining Rust Devils reluctantly join the Nuka-World alliance. Their addition brings an army of veteran raiders, advanced robots, and other equipment to Nuka-World's side. Nonetheless a large portion of the former Rust Devils choose to desert instead. Many of them join the Gunners or Minutemen, but most remain in the west attacking Nuka-World and their former members, organizing into a rival insurgency.

Pleased that the ghoul ban has been lifted in Diamond City, Mayor Hancock of Goodneighbor tries to reinitiate diplomatic relations between the two cities, offering Diamond City a trade deal. At the same time however, Diamond City experiences one of its series of attacks in years, both from Super Mutants and the organized federation under Bosco. The recent expansion around the city leaves its defenses vulnerable, and heavy losses are sustained defending the area along the Charles River.

Settlers and refugees from across the Commonwealth, particularly former Gunner citizens from Egret Tours and former inhabitants of the Boston ruins, manage to retake Fairline Hill Estates and transform it into a town once more. The new settlers of Fairline Hill begin fortifying the town.

The absorption of the Rust Devils into the Nuka-World ranks causes some dissatisfaction among its other members. The Commonwealth raiders who were admitted prior, whether from Walden Pond, the Tourette Sisters, or elsewhere, band together behind an experienced raider named Walter, demanding that they be recognized as a full tribe of equal status to the other four gangs.

The Battle of Beantown is won by the Minutemen-Beantown forces, pushing the Gunners south. Similarly, supply lines with the rest of Minutemen territory are retaken as loose Nuka-World bands are defeated by the patrolling servicemen south of Concord.

Jared's gang in Lexington comes into contact with the Nuka-World raiders, and wins a minor skirmish against them north of Greygarden.

A skirmish breaks out between Minutemen and Brotherhood scouts outside Vault 75 after the Minutemen mistake the scouts for Gunner soldiers. As such the Brotherhood doesn't hold Med-Tek Research.

In the southeast the Minutemen achieve a major victory after luring the Gunners into the range of their artillery at the Castle. The Gunners are pushed back in South Boston. Similarly the guerilla attacks carried out by Minutemen and Atom Cats continues to slowly whittle away Gunner defenders at Quincy.

Posts in the previous turn are allowed for the next two hours.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: We secure Oberland with Beantown help and begin rebuilding defenses to hold our positions there. For now we plan to simply hold our ground in the Newton region while forces are diverted to push back the Nuka-World raiders. Men from Concord are able to push back the raiders there rather easily, and patrols begin all along the routes between Concord and Greygarden. Abernathy Farm also sees an upgrade of its defenses and a garrison posted. We apologize to the Brotherhood of Steel for the mishap in Malden, offering comepnsation. In order to further cement our relations we ask to write a formal treaty between us to formalize a border should the Gunners be pushed out as we expect. We continue applying pressure on Quincy to break down the defenses there, with the help of the Atom Cats. Meanwhile in South Boston we try to capitalize on our recent victory by pushing further west.
  • Children of Atom: Securing Salem and the surrounding area has proven to be successful, as the influx of new settlers and traders helps to grow our ranks and coffers greatly. We trade heavily with Libertalia to the south, and with the Gunners at Hub City as well. An expedition is sent to settle nearby Coastal Cottage, as more and more people arrive from Maine or the Commonwealth.
  • Gunners: The defeat at Beantown is a setback, but we regroup south of Oberland and begin amassing forces once more for a counterattack. Weston is fortified and we use the base to occassionally harass Greygarden and Oberland, as well as fight back against the Nuka-World raiders. We offer all former Rust Devils admittance to our ranks and in exchange vow to defeat the Nuka-World raiders. We decide to switch our tactics in South Boston to be defensive, at least until we can silence the Minutemen artillery. Instead men are moved to Quincy to sortie out and push back the Atom Cats and other attackers. The group from Hub City arrives at Vault 75, and we launch a major offensive to end the siege there.
  • Nuka-World: With the Rust Devils admitted to our ranks we enter Fort Hagen and their other installations and put the Rust Devils to work producing robots, armor, and other equipment. Jagger is appointed the head of the gang, and is allowed to lead a team to Nuka-World to try and salvage the robots in the Galactic Zone. Those who refused to join with the others are to be hunted down, and we send teams to scour the area in search of them. As such some fierce battles break out at Fiddler's Green and between Natick and Weston. We begin to concentrate our efforts against the Gunners to reclaim the Rust Devil deserters and punish them. Attacks are launched at the Mass Pike Interchange, Forest Grove Marsh, and Weston Water Treatment Plant in retaliation. We also launch some attacks from the south by going around Lake Cochituate, seizing the Federal Supply Cache in the process as a minor outpost. Facing heavy resistance the raids in the north are lessened, although we continue to raid between Greygarden and Concord. We send an envoy to Jared of Lexington, demanding that he join us as the next member of the alliance or face annhilation. Begrudgingly Colter also agrees to allow a fifth member; Walter becomes the head of the Waldens. His first task is to construct a settlement at Walden Pond for his entourage. Arcjet Systems is also turned into a base of operations, called Arcjet. In the north a group is sent to seize the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup and create defensive positions across from Abernathy Farm.
  • Beantown: Now that the Gunners have been pushed from our doorstep we go back to defending our city and outposts, and rebuilding anything damaged by the recent battles. Beantown continues to attract more settlers and refugees. We even try to attract former Rust Devils to our borders by spreading news/propaganda about the greatness of Beantown in the west. The trade routes from Beantown to Boston expand greatly, with trade flowing into Hangman's Alley, Diamond City, and elsewhere. And we accept the Bunker Hill offer of a trade agreement, agreeing that we will no longer demand tribute.


Fallout 2289.5 smaller.png

Sully Matthis' gang in Thicket Excavations gains a reputation as the best source of mirelurk meat of any farm in the Commonwealth, and the farm grows into a thriving town from the revenue of supplying the Minutemen and other factions.

The Gunner attempt to sortie from Vault 75, link up with reinforcements from Hub City, and push back the besieging Minutemen army results in failure. Additionally the Minutemen soldiers are able to storm the vault in the chaos and seize the vault from the Gunners.

The first robots built by the Rust Devils arrive on the front lines of the Nuka-World invasion, crippling Gunner positions in the west, and also making Nuka-World raids in the north much more deadly.

The settlement of Arcjet is heavily damaged after a raid by rogue former Rust Devils, who make off with supplies and captured technology.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: We once again attempt to end the war with the Gunners by creating a peace treaty. Our nation is exhausted by the war and simply asks that the Gunners recognize all land that we have taken, cede the area around Oberland and the Castle, and leave Vault 81 indefinitely. We propose that a delegation be allowed to Quincy to formalize this deal. In the meantime we continue to fight against the Gunners, attempting to fortify Oberland and push them out of Newton, as well as South Boston. Vault 75 is secured and searched for technology and equipment, with a garrison being posted there. Out main focus becomes the Nuka-World raiders, and more men are moved to Greygarden and the areas between Concord and Starlight. With the threat of war in the far north largely quieted, the General Atomics Galleria is planned to be opened up as a commune for veterans and their families, and a group is sent there to prepare the area.
  • Gunners: We decide to cut our losses and end the war with the Minutemen when it becomes clear that we are losing ground in the north and fighting a war that is too costly to justify continuing. We call for a ceasefire while the delegations meet in Quincy as the Minutemen requested. In the meantime we rebuild some of our defenses and settlements and tend to the wounded and such. Despite that conflict continues in the northwest as the Nuka-World raiders attack. As such we move the majority of our forces and equipment west to Weston, the Mass Pike, and other installations to focus our efforts against them. Some men are moved from Vault 95 and the south to push the raiders away from Lake Cochituate and into the Glowing Sea.
  • Nuka-World: Now that the reinforcing robots are arriving thanks to the loyal Rust Devils, we send a large company of men and robots to Arcjet to fortify and defend the place, and use it as a base of operations to hunt down the rogue Rust Devils. Elsewhere we continue to apply pressure to the Gunners all along their western border, especially along the shores of Lake Cochituate. On the domestic front those not engaged in raiding or fighting help construct new settlements in the Commonwealth to help settle our large band of raiders. Fort Hagen in particular is turned into a major settlement and defensive structure, and the area within and around the facility turns into a town as well as more and more people are moved into the area. A group of raiders manages to sneak through the Minutemen patrols north of Greygarden and enters northern Cambridge, battling with ghouls and some raiders, recruiting or capturing or men, and searching for any valuables. The group returns to Rocky Narrows Park after making a tough journey through the outskirts of Lexington and the edges of Minutemen control.
  • Beantown: We continue building up the settlement at Beantown proper, as well as the defenses and structures all around the former brewery. A huge influx of refugees, deserters, and settlers has caused Beantown to fill quickly, and new structures are built all around the former brewery continuously. Outposts are constructed along the border to guard against anymore Gunner attacks. More caravans are created to run the routes from Beantown to Vault 81/front, to Hangman's Alley, to Diamond City. An additional route to Fairline Hill is considered, but Bosco's rule over the Boston Police Rationing Site complicates this.
  • Diamond Empire: (I am back), Julian Hawthorne is declared “Emperor of Diamond City” after a successful military coup, and high popularity with his social and economic reforms, he also declares the new Diamond Empire, and also declared himself “King of Baseball”. “Take me out to the ballgame” is declared the imperial anthem, and city hall is redisigned into an Imperial Palace. With the recent super mutant attacks, our newly equipped soldiers, now named the “Imperial Diamond Army”, begin to launch a merciless raid on every supermutant in and around the territory of the Diamond Empire. We accept the Minutemen proposal for an embassy in Diamond city. An Imperial Cult is imitated around the Emperor, as he is revered as a god at baseball, and is undefeatbale. Propaganda videos show the emperor in a baseball stadium hitting homeruns every time he is up to bat. A cult of personality is centered around the emperor, and even the government must sing songs of praise and salute the portrait of the emperor before sitting down at city hall. With attack from anarchist raiders, we quickly begin to send our forces to push them back.
    • Crossing out the section about videos because you don't have the capabilities to film videos. FYI most of this is pushing the bounds of plausibility as well, but I'll allow it for now.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. The expansion into Nahant continues slowly, with more buildings being completed and more people settling there from across the Commonwealth. The assault of the Gibson Point pier proves to be a success, and the pier is occupied and rebuilt as an outpost and trade post. Scouts are sent into Revere, which report that the area is heavily overrun with supermutants, making Gibson Point and the route south into Easy Town exceptionally dangerous.


Fallout 2289.75.png

The recent shift of settlement at the General Atomics Galleria causes it to be absorbed into the Minutemen. Likewise, with the war now over in the Minutemen's favor, Vault 81 votes to join them.

Hardware Town and Backstreet Apparel are re(annexed) into Bosco's downtown empire, as the raider gangs take advantage of the chaos in The Fens to assault Diamond City, Hangman's Alley, and other non-raider positions. The newly installed leader of Hardware Town however doesn't take as hard a stance against the people of the Commonwealth, allowing a town of slaves and settlers to arrise.

The recent coup in Diamond City is not without its share of discontent, especially after the new imperial reforms prove to be costly and impractical. This discontent is spearheaded by Piper Wright, owner of the local newspaper, the Publick Occurences.

Bosco's raiders successfully raid Fairline Hills, turning the settlement into a tributary. They also manage to raid several caravans from Beantown, and Bosco sends a message to Beantown demanding that they pay tribute as well, and in exchange will be allowed to trade in The Fens and the rest of Bosco's territory.

The remnants of the Rust Devils not under Nuka-World control splinter into several factions, which begin to grow into their own gangs throughout the western Commonwealth. One former Rust Devil named Joram leads a large contingent north and takes up residence in Vault 111. The group isn't initially hostile, but nonetheless the inhabitants of Sanctuary petition the Minutemen to remove them.

A large tribe known as the "Amvets" settles in the wasteland south of Quincy, having migrated from the distant south.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: The end of the war with the Gunners is celebrated across the nation, and work begins to rebuild and recover. The General Atomics Galleria, or Galleria for short, becomes a quickly growing town as more and more displaced peoples and veterans settle the new area. By the end of the year a local government is established there and the town is fully admitted into the nation. Similarly we accept the vote of Vault 81 to join the Minutemen and welcome them into the nation. For now a garrison is posted there to help oversee rebuilding efforts, and to guard against any attacks in the meantime. The Newton Heights relay tower seized by the Gunners is repaired and turned into a well fortified defensive structure, and artillery is brought in to guard against Weston and Forest Grove, and watch the routes across the Charles. Oberland is also repaired, with its own baracks and guard stations. Overall the Greygarden-Beantown-Oberland-Newton Heights-Vault 81 trade routes see an influx of traffic as merchants and builders enter the area. Vault 75 is secured and slowly repaired and cleaned, having been heavily trashed in the years of constant fighting. Men from Taffington Boathouse are stationed there for now, and men also scour the surrounding buildings, securing strategically important buildings. In South Boston the police station and high school are turned into fortifications, and refugees at the Castle and elsewhere are allowed back into the city to help rebuild and settle the region. Andrew Station as well becomes a major Minutemen fort, with a large garrison. In order to avoid Vault 88 being surrounded potentially in the future, the large force guarding the pass into Warwick is ordered to scout the area south in search of a safe land route around Quincy. They find the area to be particularly swampy and inhospitable, but do find a good spot for an outpost along the coast, which they call Suttontown. Investigating further they discover the tribals in the far south and initiate some trade before heading back to the coast. Although the group loses some men to mirelurks and other creatures, they find the area around the broken overpass to be more or less safe. The inhabitants of Vault 88 explore as well, venturing to the surface and repairing the buildings all around the vault and its entrances. Some vault dwellers head south, although they don't get far due to the nearby super mutant presence. In the far west however the war isn't over, as the Nuka-World raiders still lurk. Military personnel freed up by the Gunner war ending are sent to the west. From Greygarden an attack is launched on the Rocky Narrows Park, where a raider base is discovered. A similar attack is launched on Walden Pond. Patrols are increased and more men search the countryside for raiders. After receiving news of the Rust Devil remnants in Vault 111, the garrison at Sanctuary is increased just to be safe. Although an attack is considered, Preston Garvey argues against this fearing that attacking the Rust Devils will turn the other remnants, who are flocking to our border or fighting a mutual enemy, against us. Instead, he offers a deal to them, asking that they be absorbed into the Minutemen as a settlement, with Joram as its leader, and instead of fighting each other the Minutemen will protect Joram's gang and work with them against Nuka-World.
  • Gunners: Now that the war is over we begin working to rebuild and make our land defendable once more. Quincy was hit hard by Atom Cat and Minutemen raids, but the city's defenses held out and are upgraded. To further defend the city in the future men are moved to secure the overpass and make it useable as a trade route and military highway for quick deployment in the future. Places where the overpass is destroyed are either rebuilt with bridges or connected with new elevators and ramps. Our goal is to repair the overpass enough that men can be moved from downtown Boston to Quincy extremely quickly. Additionally outposts are built every so often along the route, and some areas around the overpass are secured; Neponset Park is an easy target and is secured quickly, becoming a spot for refugees from the war to settle. Further in the south men from Gunner's Plaza take the Suffolk County Charter Shool to secure an alternate route into Quincy. The vast majority of our men however move to combat the Nuka-World Raiders. Most of the garrisons in South Boston, Quincy, etc are moved to Lake Chochituate, while the front formerly at Vault 81 moves to the Mass Pike Interchange. Now that we have most of our forces in the west we are confident that the raiders will be repulsed. Meanwhile in Nuka-World itself we reestablish contact with the various squadrons stationed there and order them to harass the raiders on their home territory as well.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: The mistake at Med-Tek Research turns the Brotherhood angry against the Minutemen, but for now we avoid war. We accept the compensation and send a large team to the facility immediately. We send a message in advance this time saying that if the Minutemen should "accidentally" attack us or hinder us again, we will attack them in Malden. We also make it clear that the Med-Tek facility should not be preemptively looted. An operation is planned to secure the Everett-Chelsea area leading up to Med-Tek Research; the garrison at the shipyards in the south are to march north and seize the West Everett Estates, and later the Relay Tower in the vicinity. At the same time a few other key locations are captured, including Listening Post Bravo, which will be used as an outpost to watch the Forged and others in the area. In South Boston, now that the Gunner war is over, men are ordered to scout the surrounding area and capture the remaining few blocks in the region. In the east our territory has now been heavily settled. At Fort Strong the fort is operational once more and garrisoned with soldiers and civilians alike. Some of the settlers are even tasked with rebuilding the town around the fort for habitation. We take up greater interest in trading with those around us, and a caravan is sent to run the route from Fort Strong to Nordhagen to Libertalia. Likewise we allow for now traders to travel from Bunker Hill into Chelsea to East Boston, although tensions remain high with that settlement for their alleged tolerance of synths. We are glad that Tower Tom accepted our deal and we begin trading with Beantown from our installations in Cambridge. In an effort to further pacify the routes south and secure valuable technology, the Cambridge Polymer Labs are seized and searched.
  • Nuka-World: Fierce fighting continues against the Gunners and Minutemen along the eastern part of our borders. We primarily focus on the Gunners however as the battle of Lake Cochituate rages. Raids are launched all along Route 128, and a few reach even further east. Vault 95 is tentatively harassed, while others reach the Charles and the outskirts of Egret Tours. In the north raids are lessened because of recent increases in patrols. Rather we try to repulse the Minutemen from Rocky Narrows and focus on fortifying and settling the areas that we do have. A fort is constructed at the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup that we call Fort Gage. Walden Pond also sees major improvements. Raids are launched north toward Vault 111, with some fierce fighting occurring west and southwest of Sanctuary.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. The expansion into Nahant continues slowly, with more buildings being completed and more people settling there from across the Commonwealth. We continue to strengthen ties with the Children of Atom and with the Brotherhood of Steel through trade, with our caravans now stretching from the northeast edge of the Commonwealth to East Boston. Gibson Point is rebuilt and fortified, with scouts being sent out to slowly push back super mutants and other dangers along the route south.


Joram of the Rust Devil remnants at Vault 111 reluctantly agrees to join the Minutemen, although not before some initial skirmishes with Sanctuary inhabitants and taking heavy losses against the Nuka-World raiders south of the vault.

The Gunners experience a recession due to the high cost of the recent war and its consequential indemnities, and as a result of the Gunners' settlements being largely cut off from trade with the rest of the Commonwealth, either by their own choice, or as a result of embargos or poor relations with neighbors.

Fairline Hills begins trading with the settlements of Boston, after paying a heavy price to Bosco, and also with the Milton region under Sinjin's gang.

  • Provisional Commonwealth: A detachment of soldiers is sent to Vault 111 to help defend the location after we learn that Joram and the Rust Devils have decided to join us. Some men are also dispatched to help repair defenses there and drive out the Nuka-World raiders. Fierce fighting continues around Walden Pond and along the route to Sunshine Tiding. We offer the Gunners a deal: allow us to create trade routes to your settlements and through your territory. The influx of trade will help you recover while also helping us (albeit moreso). If not we will call for an embargo, further crippling your settlements. Another congress is called, and this year the Republic of the Commonwealth is proclaimed. (More to come)
  • Children of Atom: We continue to rebuild Salem and slowly grow our settlements and infrastructure. More and more people are recruited to join us from across the Commonwealth, the Capital Wasteland, or from Far Harbor and Maine. A settlement is founded on the coast east of Coastal Cottage called Point Cromwell after one of the most revered leaders of the Children of Atom. Men are sent west to secure the area around our territory, and we come into conflict with the Forged at Dunwich Borers and Saugus Ironworks. As such patrols are sent all along the route from Coastal Cottage to Salem, and from Salem to Lynn Pier. Trade continues with Libertalia and the Gunners.
  • Gunners: The offer from the Minutemen is accepted; we will allow their traders (and other nations') access to our roads to be used for trade in exchange for paying tolls (to maintain the roads/safety) and for trading with our own settlements. The first traders are allowed to travel from Warwick to Quincy, to Vault 88, to Jamaica Plain, to South Boston. The original purpose of the roads for military use is not forgotten however, with more outposts being installed and patrols being instated. We begin working to pacify the south and connect our various territories. To begin men from Egret Tours are sent to scout south and establish a route to Gunner's Plaza. Cutler Bend is to be taken and fortified/rebuilt into a bridge to resupply the far west. At Jamaica Plain the settlement is expanded to the west significantly.
  • Libertalia: The expansion of Libertalia proper continues as more boats and ships are added to the structures there. The expansion into Nahant continues slowly, with more buildings being completed and more people settling there from across the Commonwealth. We set aside a few of the most intact boats and ships in order to create a fleet of sorts, which will be used primarily for trading. In particular we seek to expand our trade network to include the Castle and Spectacle Island, and other southern port cities. We send more men to Gibson Point and begin to slowly push south into Revere, although experience some resistance from raiders and super mutants.


The raiders under the command of Ack-Ack at the USAF Satellite Station Olivia begin raiding Thicket Excavations and certain Minutemen locations, such as Tenpines Bluff.

A tribe known as the "Blue Men" travels into the Commonwealth from the south and settles the region in the far south, along the eastern bank of the Charles River, and south of Gunner territory.

  • Republic of the Commonwealth: The fighting in the west continues, espcially around Vault 111. Slowly we push the Nuka-World raiders back and manage to establish a somewhat normalized border in the region. The settlements that were damaged by the war are rebuilt and fortified, and people begin to travel once more and trade. Patrols continue all across the west to counteract raids. The "Garvey Doctrine" is coined, which is essentially a decree that the Republic will protect any settlement in the Commonwealth that asks for help, and will admit any peaceful settlement into the Republic, although a debate breaks out amongst the legislators on the best way to divide the nation, and on how to formally admit new states. We open trade with Covenant, and send men from Taffington Boathouse to clear the Tucker Memorial Bridge and fortify/patrol that route south. A colony is established at Greentop Nursey by survivors of the conflict at Malden, as the main towns in that region become more densely populated. In the far south we continue to explore and open up trade with the Amvets and others. Some people resettle University Point after a brief skirmish with some rogue Institute synths.
  • Nuka-World: The war against the Minutemen is proving difficult, so we switch our tactics. Instead of raiding the heavily patrolled areas we plan to act defensively and try to hold our positions and secure the settlements we currently hold. Meanwhile we focus mostly against the Gunners, slowly pushing east in the Commonwealth. In Nuka-World proper we begin fighting against the Gunners to push them out. Settlement at Cap City and other major towns increases, with Cap City become home to a casino, attracting many from outside the nation.