Flag of the FSNY
The Federal States of New York is a nation on the East Coast of the Former US.


The Federal States of New York is centered in the State of New York. As the US fell apart, the National Guard and Army stationed in New York Secured the borders of the state.The Governor led the provisional Government during this first year, and under him the nation engaged in the Great Lakes War against the aggressive government of Michigan. Fighting alongside Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, The nations where able to overthrow the government of Michigan and the three main powers (New York, Ohio, Minnesota) Divided the nation in three.


Nation Name Status
Confederation of New England Great-Puppet since 2046
United States of Greater Ohio Great-Official Ally since 2025
Conneticut Great-Puppet since 2044
One Star Republic Warm-Trading Partners
United States of the West Destroyed by New York Led Coalition of Liberty in 2048
Provisional Government of the United States of America Destroyed by New York led Coalition of Liberty in 2030
Republic of Pennsylvania Puppet since 2030
Dakota Confederation Great: CoL member since 2030
Agrarian Commonwealth Great: CoL member since 2030
Pacific State Destroyed by New York Led Coalition of Liberty in 2048
Missouri Neutral
Atlanta Neutral
North Carolina Great: CoL member since 2030
Florida Strained

Pan America Party of the People

Reformed Republic of Michigan Puppet
Federal Republic of North Maryland Puppet
Federal Republic of DC Puppet


The Military of the Federal Sates of New York is, baring the Provisonal Government of the United States of America, the strongest in the East. Numbering nearly 50,000 men, the Armed forces is divided into 6 branchs; The New York Army, The New York United Militia,The New York Special Forces,The New York Navy, and the New York Air force. The New York Armed Forces is currently stane drdizing it's ranks, and one step to this is creating a cheap to produce, reliable, effective battle rifle. Designs for this are currently the M8A1, the M16A7, and the SIR3, with the SIR3 being preferred for the Army, and the M8A1 being preferred for the Special Forces.


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The New York Army (NYA) serves as the Backbone of the New York Armed Forces, the army can be exercised for Offence or Defence. The New York Army gains about 5-8 thousand new members a year, though an average of 1-3 thousand retire each year, on top of Soldiers who are KIA or WIA. The New York army lacks a standard battle rifle, though, as stated previolsy, an effort is being put forth to standardize. 

United MilitiaEdit

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The New York United Militiat (NYUM) is the authority of the Militias in NY. It;s sole purpose is defence, 

Special ForcesEdit

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Currently Numbers:

Air forceEdit

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