The Federation of Triton is a secluded homeworld colony origanlly used to stage mining operations on Neptune, but as more workers came the planet became self sustaining and began separating itself from the UNH until it declared full independence. Current President is Kelan Comgall Madden and Vice President Sverrir Per Kelly.


Before Triton's self declared independence it was a mere housing planet used to house the workers that worked on the mining facilities that floated among Neptune's atmosphere. Triton's operation put out the most of hydrogen and methane in the UHN, after the Jovian Moons declaration of Independence in 2105, the profit made drew many corporations and it's worker towards this planet. During this time the UNH put years of work to sustain the influx of citizens that were drawn to Triton, many of which were of British, or Scandinavian background, but years of living has created many of newborns that were very much a mix of all ethnicities.



Triton's original mean of income was based on solely the mining operations on Neptune, until more and more citizens began flooding to Triton and the economy and industry had to expand to become diversified. Mining operations on Neptune usually consist on capturing the natural gases of the planet to use them, for fuel and or other uses making it very profitable.


The Federation of Triton is divided into to branches the Executive and Legislature, Presidency last five years, with a total of three terms. The Legislature is consisted of a the Chamber (representation of tue provinces within the states) and the Senate (representation of the state).


State Capital Largest City
Sucelles Cernunnos Cernunnos
Damona Selius Sequana
Belenus Grannus Brighid
Epacha Macha Matronae
Odin Oor Oor
Thor Tyr Uller
Vali Ve Ve
Loki Bragi Bragi
Loour Forseti Vili


State Senator Senator
Sucelles Evin Siri Berne Abban Roddy MacCallin
Damona Tea Reece Steinsson Vilfred Alexandra Lager
Belenus Lempi Columban Coleman Alastar Heidi Argall
Epacha Per Kirsten McNeil Ansgar Kirstine McPhee
Odin Konrad Tadg Carmody Eimear Aileas Frederisken
Thor Donaldina Maja Grieve Sithmaith Fergus MacEachern
Vali Tomas Karl Larsson Gwyn Elias Ward
Loki Bjorn Price Whelan Mallt Alva Keefe
Loour Inge Nye Kelly Anselmi Ulla O'Brien



  • Terran Class Carrier Ships - 5
    • FTS William Wallace
    • FTS Michael Collins
    • FTS Donald
    • FTS Edgar
    • FTS Mary
  • Triton Class Carrier Ships - 3
    • FTS Gustav
    • FTS Fredricks
    • FTS O'Donnell
  • Triton Class Frigates - 35
  • Martian Class Destroyers - 25
  • Terran Dreadnoughts - 20



Although religion is not as influential as it once was, it is mainly use to unite the people of Triton. Protestantism is the main religion of Trition, although Celtic and Norse mythology has picked up again, hence the naming of the states and many of their cities after Norse and Celtic gods. Also many modern artist love re-invisioning the old Celtic and Norse tales.


Rugby is the main sport of Triton, with two different leagues, Triton Pro Rugby (TRG) and All League Triton Rugby (ALTR) and one championship game between the two leagues.

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