The French Republic originated from France and was created by Napolean. Its main difference from OTL France is that Brittany is controlled by the IFTB (ATL). It is classed as a super power and has a flourishing econemy and one of the strongest militaries in the world. It has recently allied itself with the Mino and the IFTB in an incrediblly powerful alliance.


The Imperial French Military is composed of the Imperial Republican Navy (IRN), the Imperial Republican Army (IRA), the Imperial Republican Peacekeeper Force (IRPF), the Imperial Republican Special Task Force (IRST) and the Imperial Republican Intelligence Force (IRIF).

Imperial Republican Navy (IRN)Edit

The IRN is made up of 100 metal reinforced wooden hulls, 18 ironclads (including 3 Invader Class Flagships) and 30 wooden ships. It also has 120 of the new gunships.

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