Free State of Treinhoff
Freistaat Treinhoff
Game: New World (Map Game)
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Treinhoff
Capital Treinhoff
Largest city Treinhoff
Other cities Tempelhoff, Burghoff, Swinehoff and Hasselhoff
Swabian type German
  others Zurich type German
  others Catholic
Ethnic groups
Swabian German
  others Swiss German
Demonym Treinhoffer
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Staatsrat
Kaiserin Helena
Staatsleiter Karl Habsburg
Population 257,000 (1015 census), 257,500 (1020 census), 257,545 (1035 census), 258,545 (1045 census) ,267,675 (1057 census) 
Established 175
Independence from Clan Ross
  declared 185
  recognized 185
Currency Neubayero-Donetskian krone (NDK)
Internet TLD TF
Calling code +55

Treinhoff, officially the Free State of Treinhoff (German: Freistaat Treinhoff) is a state of the United Reich of New Bayern. It was annexed to the Reich in 1030 after a referendum of the Treinhoffer government, which subsequently became a devolved state government. Karl Habsburg is the current Staatsleiter of the Free State.

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