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Futura Terra Map


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Please put your signature next to the nation you want to play as. Note you need to be experienced with map games if you want to play as a primary nation. We don't want people typing down a whole bunch of implausible or ASB turns as a major nations.


North America:Edit

Us flag
  • United States of America-
Canadian reb flag
Mex flag
  • Mexico-United Mexican States-
  • Puerto Rico-
Costa rica flag
  • Costa Rica-
Cuban flag
  • Cuba-
  • Panama-
Haiti flag
  • Haiti-
Dominican repo flag
  • Dominican Republic-
Bahamian flag
  • Bahamas-
Trinidad and tobago
  • Trinidad and Tobago-
  • Saint Lucia-


Eu flag
  • Ukraine-
Communist russia flag
  • Communist State of Russia-
Belarus flag
  • Belarus-
  • Vatican City-
Kososovo flag
  • Kosovo-
Gibraltar flag
  • Gibraltar-
Guernsey flag
  • Guernsey-
Jersey flag
  • Jersey-
Aland flag
  • Aland
Georiga flag
  • Georgia

South America:Edit

RSA flag
  • Venezuela-
Colombian flag
  • Colombia-
  • Peru-
  • Uruguay-
Ecuador flag
  • Ecuador-
Guyana flag
  • Guyana-
French guiana flag
  • French Guiana-
  • Suriname-


Chinese flag
Russia demo repo
  • Taiwan-
Malaysia flag
  • Malaysia-
  • South Korea-
  • North Korea
Cambodian flag
  • Cambodia-
Laos flag
  • Laos-
  • Vietnam-
  • Thailand-
  • Mongolia-
Indian flag
  • India-
  • Bangladesh-
  • Philippines-
Indonesian flag
  • Indonesia-
Maldives flag
  • Maldives-
  • Myanmar-
Flag of nepal
  • Nepal-
  • Singapore-
  • Turkmenistan-
Japan flag
Kyrgzstan flag
  • Kyrgystan-
Kazakhstan flag
  • Kazakhstan-

Middle East:Edit

Afghan flag
  • Afghanistan-
  • Pakistan-
Iran flag
  • Iran-
  • Syria-
Jordan flag
  • Jordan-
Israel flag
  • Israel-
Lebanon flag
  • Lebanon-
  • Oman-
  • Yemen-
  • Qatar-
  • U.A.E-
Kuwait flag
  • Kuwait-
Armenian flag
  • Armenia-
Flag of azerbaijon
  • Azerbaijan-
Iraq flag
  • Iraq-


Australia flag
  • Australia-
New zealand flag
  • New Zealand-
Papua new guinea
  • Papua New Guinea-
Fiji flag
  • Fiji-
  • Tonga-
  • Vantua


  • Sudan-
Egyptian flag
  • Egypt-
Libya flag
  • Libya-
  • Western Sahara-
Algieria flag
  • Algeria-
Djibouti flag
  • Djibouti-
  • Somalia-
South africa
  • South Africa-
Mauritania flag
  • Mauritania-
Democraft repo of the congo flag
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo-
Kenya flag
  • Kenya-
  • Uganda-
  • Mozambique-
Madagascar flag
  • Madagascar-

The GameEdit


This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!
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