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This alternate timeline explores the broken world left by the Great Nuclear War - October 28, 1962.

The year is 1962. Tensions are at a boiling point between the U.S and U.S.S.R as the Cuban Missile Crisis is at its height. On October 27th, a B-52 bomber crashes shortly after take off causing it's nuclear payload to detonate eviscerating a small U.S Air Force Base in the rural town of Damascus, Arkansas. The US are swift to respond launching a “Retaliatory Strike” against the USSR in response to what they believe to be a Soviet First Strike. This attack is detected by Soviet early warning sites and they quickly launch their own Retaliatory Strike against the US. Less than ten minutes later Soviet and American missiles are making landfall severely crippling both nations.

The UK then sent in it's atomic bombers to help the USA finish of the USSR and destroy both Nizney-Novgerod and the ruins of St. Peatersburg. The Soviets hid back by bombing central London, RAFF Upper Heyford, RAF Mildenhall, the Plymouth navel dock yards and the Glasgow civil dockyards.

France, in light of this sudden, and terrifying American aggression, refuses to launch their missiles against the USSR, and after a short but intense series of reprisals, lasting approximately six hours, the world is razed to the ground by nuclear arm fire, and human civilization along with it. While the war is never officially declared over, The early morning hours of October 28th mark the end a chapter of human history, and the beginning of a New Era.

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