Germany[edit | edit source]

Germany occupy the northern portion of Central Europe and lost the Great war and that w as imposed the treaty of Versailles. The population adopt communism in 1927 after being hardly eat by the great depression

International relation[edit | edit source]

Soviet Union - very friendly

Green:friendly blue:neutral red:bad

United Kingdom - tense

France - neutral Lithuania - good

Arab Confederation - neutral

Japan - friendly

Poland - friendly

Important event[edit | edit source]

1927 - The communist parti is elected with 65% of all seat going to him.

German new flag

1929 - The German people army begun to be trained in the Soviet Union.

1930 - An expansion of the militia to reach 200000 militians is allow by the Reichstag in order to keep control during the depressions and destroy all internal opposition.

1931 - Ennemy of the state begun to be send in the Soviet gulag to get rid of the ennemy of the state. The Soviet are allow to occupy some of our military base.

1932 - Democraty is abolished after a succession of assassination.

1934 - The Ruhr region is declared fully German again and major profit from this important production zone is use to start public project and reduce depression. The futur air force is prepare as pilot begun to be traine on civil planes.

1937 - The army is raise officially and we enter in war against Poland and the UK who join it.

military[edit | edit source]



 German people army number
Infantry  365000
tanks 45
light and medium ship 10
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