Germany, formally known as the Federal Republic of Germany (other names are Greater Germany, New GermanyBundesrepublik Deutschland) is a democratic and capitalist country in Middle Europe. It's currently one of the most important powers of both Europe and the world.

Touched only a little by the cataclism of 2012, Germany and her democratic system remained stable in the following years. However, the immediate collapse of the European Union (EU), and the Eurozone led to a great international and economical destabilization and crisis of the region which hurt the Bundesrepublik too. The European system collapsed, so Germany needed to re-organise her economy to be self-sufficient. The reigning cancellors succeeded in this, and the country remained as a great power of the ill Europe.

As one of the first political actions, the German army occupied Austria, who suffered from riots and rebellions of Christian fanatics. These problems were handled democratically in Germany itself. By doing so, no military actions were made, but the radical organisations found parties and made it to the parliament. Otherwise, the German politics were still dominated by the liberal and left-wing movements. The Greens became stronger too, saying that the catastrophe wouldn't happen if they would have had the power.

However, by staying relatively stable, Germany faced recession and a mass of immigrants arriving from the devastated parts of Europe. After some years of accepting them, Germany needed to close its boundaries, because she wouldn't be able to feed that much people with its damaged agriculture. The greater number of immigrants led to a drastical growth in the populance of the far-right neo-nazi movements. They campaigned not only for the deportation of the immigrants but the expansion of Germany too.

In 2014 a coalition of radical parties passed a law of invading Denmark and Bohemia to establish protectorates which would defend Germany from possible threats coming from the more unstable north and east. The two countries were occupied by the Bundeswehr and their weak governments were replaced by pro-German military councils.

By 2015, Germany started to rebuild the collapsed international relations of Europe. She started to campaign for the rebuild of the EU as the "main power of the new world order". Trade was re-estabilshed with France and consulates were opened in Paris, London, Madrid, Budapest, and several other Balkan countries. 

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