Cevaire is an absolute monarchy, where the King or Queen make sole decisions on matters of country management and control. A small cabinet of anywhere between ten and twenty five advisors, the Royal Council, meet with the monarch every week to discuss matters of state. While a smaller council set out for the monarch, called the Privy Council, handled day to day management, it was all overseen by the monarch, who heavily influenced the council.

Current State of the Nation

Cevaire contains seventeen provinces and zero territories

Starting with core provinces:


Cevaire, 400 YIG with provinces shown

Province of Ceva (C+8, R+4)

Province of Ayoran (C+8)

Province of Adelari (C+8, R+4)

Province of Derarri (C+8, R+4)

Continuing with economic provinces

Province of Ayorica (E+3, I+6)

Province of Agosielle (E+3, R+4)

Province of Sorturia (E+3. R+4)

Province of Coastal Aecasium (E+3, R+4)

Continuing with basic provinces

Province of Lower Pantenaca (B+2, R+4)

Province of Upper Pantenaca (B+2, R+4)

Province of Coastacia (B+2, R+4)

Province of Neveuderrari (B+2, R+4)

Province of Asalaguadas (B+2)

Province of Tangille (B+2, R+4)

Province of Peninsulago (B+2, R+4)

Province of Boldovia (B+2, R+4)

Province of Pensaltigo (B+2)

Total Provincial Value: 120

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