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Graham Industries is a megacorporation based in the Celto-Germanic Union in Edinburg, specializing in military equipment, human enhancement technologies, computers and aerospace engineering. It is currently considered to be one of the most powerful megacorporations on Earth, challenged only by Atlas Global Security.


Graham Industries was originally founded in 2034 as a computer company in Edinburg, back when it was the capital of Scotland by Robert Graham. When the Great Decline came, the company grew bigger and eventually began to specialize in other key fields such as military equipment, aerospace engineering and human enhancement technologies through the acquisition of smaller companies in these fields. It became one of the first Megacorporations to invest and pioneer in human enhancement technologies, as well as more experimental laser weaponry. The company grew over time and competing with Atlas Global Security, became one of the most powerful corporations on Earth, with it's own space station and with up to at least 3 fortress cities first acquired during the Great Decline. Graham Industries invites you to join the millions of people willing to shape the future. Graham Industries. Creating the future, today.


1. We seek to use human enhancement technologies to better the human condition.

2. We have the most technologically advanced military force on the planet, despite lacking Atlas' large numbers.

3. Our company has pioneered in computing and human enhancement technologies.

4. Our company also has at least one orbital station, which also has a visitor's facility.

5. We have at least 5 subsidiaries: BioTechno Corporation, Daedelus Aerospace, Kijin Defense Systems Ltd., Trent Cybernetics, and EBM Computers.

6. We also have the most advanced computers on Earth, and 20% of our military is fully unmanned.

7. We also are currently researching for ways to repair the Earth's already damaged ecosphere.

8. Our concern is to improve the human condition.