Grand Duchy of Rhineburg
Großherzogtum Rheinsburg
Game: New World
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Rhineburg Coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Rhineburg
Flag Coat of Arms

Furchtlos und trew (Swabian German)
("Fearless and loyal")

Anthem "Unser Land erhalt' den Kaiser"
(and largest city)
Rhineburg City
Other cities Stuttgart, Mannheim, Ludwigsburg
  others Swabian German
None (secular government)
  others Lutheranism, Judaism
Ethnic groups
Swabian Germans
  others Germans, Asians, Anglo-Saxons
Demonym Rhineburgish
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Rhineburg Ducal Congress (Herzogskongreß)
Kaiserin Aria
Grand Duke Edward
Staatsleiter Klaus Heulkreis
Population 12,625,342 
Established 7th January 971
Independence from Hessen
  declared 7th January 971
Currency Neubayero-Donetskian Krone (NDK)
Internet TLD .rb.nb

Rhineburg, officially the Grand Duchy of Rhineburg (German: Großherzogtum Rheinsburg) is one of the two Grand Duchies in the United Reich of New Bayern. The dukedom is traditionally held by the first son (later first child regardless of gender) of the incumbent Kaiser. In the event that the Kaiser has no children, the dukedom will remain vacant until the Kaiser has issue, or upon the death of that Kaiser and the coronation of one with a child.

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