The Great Federation of the Vardar (Vuh-dar) (Μεγάλη Ομοσπονδία του Βαρδάρη in their language) is a group of nations from the planet of Pythinia (Pi-THI-nee-ah). The federation was formed after a worldwide war ravaged the planet and decimated the global powers, leaving small countries and refugees to create a new society from the ashes of the past civilization. The Vardarians colonized the uninhabited neighbouring planets of Safira (Sa-FEER-uh) and Okeanos (Oh-kee-AAH-noos) and set up permanent research stations on Lemida, Chyrsamia, and Aenia, moons of Okeanos.

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The Royal Family of the Vardar are the survivors of the previous Royal Family of the Kingdom of Arcadia, the global power that was destroyed during the Great Civil War. The monarchy are now seen merely as figureheads of the new government, though the King holds the permanent offices of Ambassador of the Vardar and Advisor of the President. The current King is King Perseus III, the Lionheart.

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The Executive Branch consists of the President of the Vardar, the Vice President, and the Cabinet. The President is the Head of State and has the power to veto any law the Parliament makes. The Vice President is the first in line of succession of the President and sits in on Parliament sessions. The Cabinet advises the President.

President- Alexander Drakos

Vice President- Helen Lambros

Secretary of State- Magnus Zacharias

Secretary of Defence- Tanner Sisko

Secretary of the Treasury- Darcy Valli

Attorney General- Odysseus Nicolo

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