The Harrisburg Confrence was a meeting of the Big 5 American States. The Confrence was held to discuss the "Points for Peace". The nations of The Allied States, The Union of the South, California, Ohio, and the New American Union where invited. The following Nations showed up:

  • The Allied States, represented by Herbert H. Learman
  • The Union of the South, represented by Dick S. Hardcock
  • Californian Federation, represented by Tom Harvis
  • the New American Union, represented by Theodore S. Lewis

Opening StatementEdit

The ASA has motioned for this meeting to discuss issues that the former US currently faces. While the ASA has begun 2 discussions, other nations may open up forums for issues they believe are important. Remember that the events of the conference are not to be discussed with non member nations.

Discussion 1: Increasing Influence of Foreign nations in the Former United States (ASA Led)Edit

Recently, several outside forces have sought to increase their influence in the Former US. Mississippi has close ties to the Third Reich and recently Alaska has requested to enter the Japanese Sphere. The ASA believes that, not other states, but these foreign powers, are the greatest threat to the nations of the Former US. The ASA would like to hear what other nations believe about this issue.

In the eyes of the Federation, this is something that should be prevented at all costs. Foreign influence can make us end up back in the colonial times. ~Tech

In the opinion of the NAU, we should allow nations in the former U.S. To ally with nations outside, as is the case with Mississippi. We feel this will work to put the New Nations within the former U.S. on an international scale, tau her than absorbed in there own conflicts. HOWEVR, we do think that it is a bad idea to actully enter another country's sphere of influence, for fear of going back to the colonial times, as the Californian federation has mentioned. ~fires

American nations should keep away from major powers such as the USSR, Japan and Germany. They can enact too much influence towards the continent. Prinsenvlag Hail Sean, Khan of Khans! (Free potatoes)
20:23, April 30, 2015 (UTC)

I believe we need to focus on matters in North America. We need to stay safe from the communist threat, which recently infected Washington. USGO Flag Oi mate, did someone say Texas? Union of the South Flag 14 Stripes


Discussion 2: Military Hegemony and Spheres of Influence (ASA Led)Edit

Discussion 3: The Mexican and Canadian States (California Led)Edit

Discussion 4: Peace Treaty's and limiting the scale of wars (NAU Led)Edit

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