The help desk is where you can get help and learn about editing on this wiki. This is a place were you can seek user or technical help from admins who regularly review the help pages. Please feel free to us the links. If any trouble occurs or you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact an administrator. Also see- User help!

  1. [1]|Community guidelines
  2. [2]|Contacting Wikia
  3. [3]|Contributing
  4. [4]|Managing Your Account
  5. [5]|SpecialPages
  6. [6]|CHelp:Special_pages
  7. [7]|CRecentChanges
  8. [8]|CLeaderboard
  10. Privacy Policy.
  11. Forum:Help desk
  20. How to make an article (CRPMGW)
  21. General map game rules (CRPMGW)
  22. How to make a good map (CRPMGW)
  23. How to make a on line map
  24. Useful info and site stats!
  25. Map Game Wiki: about
  26. Coalition to Restore and Preserve the Map Game Wiki (CRPMGW)
  27. Technical timelines (CRPMGW)
  28. CRPMGW tutorial page
  29. Editing and wikitext (crpmw tutorial)
  30. Etiquette for map games (crpmw tutorial)
  31. Experts (CRPMGW tutorial)
  32. Image and video uploading (crpmw tutorial)
  33. Mapmaking (crpmw tutorial)
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