Dowager Kaiserin of Neubayern
Game: New World
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother portrait.jpg
Portrait by Richard Stein, 992
Spouse Wilhelm VI
Issue Heinrich III
Prince Friedrich, Duke of Weimarsberg
Princess Liesl, The Honourable Lady Jägersburg
Full name
Henrietta Mary Joanna
Henrietta Maria Johanna
House House of Hohensberg (by marriage)
Father Nikolaus von Krieseling
Mother Johanna von Eisenburg
Born 6th January 927
Dietrichsburg Staatshospital
Death 28th December 1012 (age 85)
Münchner Zentralhospital
Burial 6th January 1013
Hohensberg Cemetery
Religion Lutheranism

Henrietta Maria Johanna von Krieseling (6th January 927 – 28th December 1012) was the wife of Kaiser Wilhelm VI and the mother of Heinrich III and his two siblings. She was Queen consort of the United Reich of New Bayern from her husband's accession in 961 until his death in 975.

Born into a family of Neubayerisch nobility as The Honourable Henrietta von Krieseling. She came to prominence in 946 when she married Crown Prince Wilhelm, the eldest son of Kaiser Heinrich II and Queen Maria. She undertook a variety of public engagements and became known as die Lächelnd Kronprinzessin ("Smiling Crown Princess") because of her consistent public expression.

In 961, her husband became Kaiser when his father suddenly died. As Kaiserin she bore two royal children; their eldest brother, born in 947, would become Heinrich III. Her husband's health deteriorated in 974 and she was widowed at the age of 48 a year later. She remained Dowager Kaiserin until her death aged 85 in December 1012, just more than a week shy of her 86th birthday, of leukaemia.


  • 927 — 946: The Honourable Henrietta Maria Johanna von Krieseling
  • 946 — 961: Her Imperial Highness The Crown Princess of Neubayern, Grand Duchess of Rhineburg
  • 961 — 975: Her Imperial Majesty Henrietta, Kaiserin of Neubayern, Lady of Munich
  • 975 — 1012: Her Imperial Majesty Henrietta, Dowager Kaiserin of Neubayern

Her full title in German is Ihre Kaiserliche Majestät Henrietta, Witwekaiserin des Vereinigte Reiches der Neubayern.

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