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This is an Timeline of the map game

Before ElvesEdit

1870 BE - the Hobbits begin to make their first towns

1500 BE - First Human Tribes

910 - 895 BE - Hobbit expansion

After ElvesEdit

400 AE - First Elven Kingdoms. 

456 AE - Elfs encounter other Races.

543 - 900 AE - During these years the War of the Civilizations were fought on the continent of Periäna, the Kingdom of Abuciëra wins, becoming the ruling power on the continent of Periäna.

1235 AE - the Kingdom of Abuciëra collapses after an civil war, Periäna again is divided.

1452 AE - the hobbit Kingdom of Fodora is founded.

1599 AE - Kingdom of Fodora encounter Elves

1599 - 1810 AE - Hobbit-Elf War: The Hobbits lose and are forced to withdraw to their continent of TBD.

Age of HumansEdit

3 AH - Kingdom of Fyrth is founded on Alënia.

45 AH - Kingdom of Gär is founded in Periäna,

78 - 105 AH - Fyrth conquest of the Kingdom of Gär.

158 AH - Kingdom of Gär rebels from theKingdom of Fyrth.

570 AH - Hobbit Expansion

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