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Holy Empire of the White Lands
Sakëc Terr Albnïc Emrat
Game: New World
East Kara flag (Hands of the Gods Map Game).png
Flag of Holy Alba
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Holy Alba

Bir Halk, Bir Devlet, Bir Ïnanç (Alban)
("One People, One State, One Faith")

Capital Alb'bul
Largest city Alb'bul
Other cities Bercow, Strosner, Squippy, New Munich, Werwippia and New Durban
  others German
Religion Albanism
Demonym Holy Alban
Government Absolute theocratic monarchy
  legislature Supreme Monastery
Supreme Priest Ja'Laab XXV
Population 12,545,000 (990 census), 12,575,000 (1010 census), 12,745,500 (1015 estimmate), 12,945,500 (1025 estimmate), 12,975,000 (1030 census), 13,275,000 (1040 census), 13,574,500 (1050 estimate), 13,745,500 (1055 estimate) and 14,745,500 (1065 estimate) 
Established 25 AF
Currency Holy Robl (ARB)
Internet TLD .ab

The Holy Empire of the White Lands (Alban: Sakëc Terr Albnïc Emrat) is an absolute theocratic monarchy holding sovereignty over the majority of Terra Alba.Holy Empire of the White Lands

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