House of Hohensberg
Haus Hohensberg
Royal house
Coat of arms of Bavaria
Coat of arms of the House of Hohensberg
Country Flag of Neubayern Neubayern
Flag of Novodonetsk Novodonetsk
Parent house House of Löwehausen
House of Hohensberg
Titles Kaiser of the United Reich of New Bayern
Monarch of the Kingdom of Ross
Lord of Munich
Tsar of Novodonetsk
Lord of Nachalzemli
Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces
King of Löwehausen (formerly)
Founded 871
Founder Franz I
Current head Heinrich III
Ethnicity German, Russian, Orientalian
Cadet branches House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt
House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt-Pavyluchenko

The House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt-Pavyluchenko (German: Haus Hohensberg-Karlstadt-Pavyluchenko; Russian: Дом Хоэнсберг-Карлштадт-Павилученко, Dom Khoensberg-Karlshtadt-Pavyluchenko) is the royal house of the United Reich of New Bayern and Realm of Novodonetsk. It was founded by Franz VI of Löwehausen, later Franz I of Neubayern, upon the federation of the 13 Neubayerisch states, renaming the House of Löwehausen to House of Hohensberg, after Hohensberg Palace in Munich, which is the family's main seat. The most prominent member of the House of Hohensberg is its head, Kaiser Heinrich III.

In reality, all currently living members of the House of Hohensberg are members of its cadet house, the House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt, descended from Prince Georg, Duke of Karlstadt, the youngest son of Franz I of Neubayern. The main line of the House of Hohensberg went extinct with the childless death of Friedrich IV. Two decades after the marriage of Kaiserin Helena to Donetskian Prince, later Tsar, Demetrius, a joint letters patent was issued merging their two families, forming the House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt-Pavyluchenko.

The Neubayerisch royal family once enjoyed remarkably high approval ratings in Neubayern, ranging from somewhere between 82% and 92%. However, since the rise of the National Democratic movement in 1026 shortly after the coronation of Kaiserin Helena, ratings have fallen dramatically, hitting an all-time low in late 1034. Currently, approval ratings stand at around 72%.

Family treesEdit

House of Hohensberg-KarlstadtEdit

This tree only lists members of the House before the formal merger with the House of Pavyluchenko.

Grey — The individual is deceased.
Lime — The individual has not yet been born, but their name has been confirmed.
Bold — The individual was/is a Kaiser(in) of Neubayern.
Relationship line
---- — (spouse relationships only) Engaged, not yet married.
---- — (parent-child relationships only) Adopted

House of Hohensberg-Karlstadt-PavyluchenkoEdit

This tree only lists members of the House living after the formal merger with the House of Pavyluchenko (with the exception of Prince August of Neubayern, his wife Victoria, and his siblings.

Franz I
Queen JohannaWilhelm III
JohannaWilhelm IIIPrincess VictoriaLudwig von MenzelPrince GeorgPrincess Helga
Wilhelm IV childAnne
Wilhelm IVFridaPrincess AuroraPrincess AnnaPrince Wernher
Heinrich IWilhelm VFriedrich IVMariaHeinrich IIPrincess EvaFriedrich von Johannesburg
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother portrait
Princess KonstanzeHenriettaWilhelm VIPrincess HarrietPrince FriedrichMarguerite LivingstonDavid LivingstonChristian von Johannesburg
Royal Wedding Stockholm 2010-Konserthuset-420
VictoriaPrince August
(Heinrich III)
Princess Katrin-EmiliaPrince FriedrichXavier von JägersburgPrincess LieslPrince PeterGeorge LivingstonCatherine Livingston
Crown Prince Georg 10th bdayDemetriusHelena3Elisabeth2Prince Franz adult
Crown Prince GeorgDemetriusHelenaPrincess ElisabethPrince FranzPrince JoachimPrince Charles
Crown Princess Aria
Prince Nikolai
Prince Natsume
Prince Natsuo
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