House of Julivan
Hus Julivan
Royal House
Coat of arms of sweden
The official Coat of Arms of the house of Julivan
Country Kingdom of LibertyKingdom of Liberty
Parent house House of Bernadotte
Titles Monarch of Liberty

HRH (His/Her Royal Highness)

HIS (His/Her Imperial Self)
Founded 300
Founder King Harold I
Current head King Tryvon Julivan
The House of Julivan (Swedish: Hus Julivan) is the current rulling house of the Kingdom of Liberty. The house was founded by the first recorded king, Harold I in the year of 300. All members of the royal family are officially recognized into the house of Julivan by the age of 20 for both males and females. The parent household was the last ruling house of the "Swedish Empire", the House of Bernadotte. The head of the household changes every time the current monarch dies, and the current head of the royal house is the Kingdom of Liberty's current king, Tryvon Julivan.

The house and royal family in general are very popular among the population of the Kingdom of Liberty. Its last rating being about 85%-90%. making it one of the most popular houses in Liberty's history. Although some movements in some parts in the country are calling the monarchy to removed and replaced by a presidency, but the movement is too small to get any serious attention.

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