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The Jodren Confederacy (Castithan: Jodren Honfëderetioon) is a Confederation consisting of 10,000 planets, it is located in the Orion Arm, the Main Planet is Casti, which the major ethnic minority come from, Castithans, the member worlds of the confederacy have more power than the central government.

Jodren Confederacy
Flag of Jodren
Galactica 4110

Jodren Confederacy in Pink

Capital None
Official languages Castithan
Religion None
Government Confederacy
 -  Chancellor ???
 -  Speaker of the Parliament ???
 -  First Nations in Casti 15th Century BC  
 -  Jodren War 578 AD
 -  Establishment of the Jodren Confederacy 3???



The Main Planet, Casti, has an Parliament, only 30 and above may be elected, and only rich people may be elected, other Members of the Confederacy have much more power, and their Legislature is the Senate the ruling Chancellor of the Jodren Confederacy is ???

Parliament of the Jodren ConfederacyEdit

Parliament of the Jodren Confederacy (Castithian: Paarlameent eh Jodren Honfëderetioon) is the legislative body of the Jodren Confederacy

Grand Senate of the Jodren Confederacy3svg
Party Ideology Seats Color
National Castithan Party Nationalism 58 AD1FFF

Trade Union Party

Pro-Trade Union, Pro-Military 165 62BCFC
Freedom Party Democracy, Pro-Military 398 1EF71E
Central Party Centrism 198 F8FF26
Democratic Party Conservatism, Leftism 121 090EAB

Castithan Politicians


Castithans are the main race in the Jodren Confederacy, followed by the Irathians. 





Racial breakdown of the Jodren Confederacy




Casti is the main planet and the home of the Jodren Confederacy Government, it is the capital of the Jodren Confederacy.

Casti Map

Planet Casti

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