Kingdom of Ross
Rössische Königreich
Game: New World

For Freedom, Justice and Glory (English)

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
(and largest city)
New Kildary
Other cities Fortrose, Repton, Milntown
English, German
  others Scottish Gaelic, Ulster Scots
Religion Christianity
Ethnic groups
89% Scots
  others 6% German, 2% Irish, 3% Others
Demonym Rossian, South Rossian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Royal Assembly
Monarch Aria I
Prime Minister Montgomery Derrickson
Population 23,918,520 (1062 census) 
Independence from the Federated States
  declared 9th September 1061
Currency Neubayero-Donetskian krone (NDK)
Internet TLD .rk

South Ross, officially the Kingdom of Ross is a state located in the southern half of what was once the territories of the Clan of Ross. It was established on 9th September 1061 from the Rosslände — the Neubayero-Donetskian zones of occupation which were formed after the end of the O'Brian Liberation War — following a proclamation issued by the Neubayero-Donetskian Bundestag, with the Kaiserin of Neubayern, Aria, being also crowned as 'Queen of the Rossians'.

A constitutional monarchy, South Ross is governed by the Prime Minister, who is the leading member of the bicameral Royal Assembly. Elections in South Ross are normally held every five years (with the exception of the upcoming election in 1065).

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