The Kuststad Conference is a military committee convened in the Colnian capital of Kuststad to decide what should be done with Clan Ross after its capitulation at the end of the O'Brian Liberation War. The Conference should be wrapped up by 1036. (Real life Friday 9 October)

The parties involved include:

  • Neubayern
  • Colnia
  • North Orientalia
  • O'Brien

The conferenceEdit


  • We propose that the Clan of Ross be dissolved and its territory indefinitely divided between the Allied powers. Neubayern will occupy the southwestern portion of the country (including New Kildary, which we have renamed Jägerstadt). This consists of the provinces of Coastal Ross, South Ross and East Ross.


  • We propose that the Clan of Ross be dissolved and its territory temporarily occupied under Allied forces until a provisional government is established in the forseeable future. Neubayn will occupy the southwestern portion of the country without renaming any cities or provinces for cultural reasons, Colnia will occupy the eastern portion of New Kildary to fully maintain order in the city, and North Orientalia will occupy northern Ross. O'Brien will also be re-established in the forseeable future, and multiple war reparations are to be paid to the Allied countries.
  • For the protection of Terra Rossa, and especially of the vulnerable Second Republic of O'Brien currently undergoing reconstruction, we, the Reich Government, disagree with the instalment of a new Rossian government, which could at any time turn against us. We instead advocate the permanent division of Rossian territory between the four Allied powers. However, we agree to revert Jägerstadt's name to New Kildary (Kildarien in German).

North Orientalia

  • We propose the request of revolutionary government headed by Premier Hamish MacBeth to become the provisional authority of Ross pending future disposal by the occupying powers. We also ask for the installation of joint civilian-military junta consisting of members of the O'Brien government in exile and the members of Colonel Colman McShane's inner circle, pending elections. As a form of reparations all coal,oil, and mineral resources exploited and discovered within our occupation zone, if exported, shall be monopolized by North Orientalia for 15 Years.
  • The Reich Government would allow the revolutionary government to head the government of North Orientalia's occupation zone. However, we wish to assert our authority over the provinces we currently hold under our control.
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