Æcasium is the middle continent in the size chart so to say...


Its divided in six main regions within itself as off now with their own subregions.

Western ÆcasiumEdit

Northern ÆcasiumEdit

  • Peninsular Tribes
  • Peninsular Aicazii

Eastern ÆcasiumEdit

  • Hellatia
  • Suliyat ag Darkomanya
  • Tharkeion
  • Imhariyya ag Da'ark
  • Donyuk Suliyat
  • Thars'a Sulay
  • Fenetian Republic: Ratc

Southern ÆcasiumEdit

Central ÆcasiumEdit

  • Thalassicum Peninsula:
  • Aczoreb Tribes
  • Uskeuzen Tribes

Insular ÆcasiumEdit



Mainland Æcasium with Thalassia superimposed

Its a middle sized continent with its own group of mountains and Desert regions



ÆcasiumETHNO map

Ethnographic Map

The Current map of ethnographic peoples of Western Æcasium is currently imcomplete but it shows the main peoples of western Æcasium referring them as the main people groups that share language, Culture and religions for the most part. For the most part the most regions are loosely developed and mostly are tribes localized within a region with the only exceptions being cevaire and Thalassia.


Aicazii Scripture
Important Nations: Thalassia, Cevaire, etc
Largest Cities: Thalassia, , ,.
Main Cultures: Thalassian, Paedaean, Lurican, Cevairian
Ethnic Groups: None
    Turks, Kurds, Persians.
Demonym: Byzantine, Greek.

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