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This page shows the history for a short period of time leading up to the beginning of the map game. It does NOT contain items that were not different in OTL like the fact that Julius Caesar was murdered by Marcus Brutus and Gaius Longinus. However, it does state the points of difference between OTL and ATL in this map game. The one exception to this is the paragraph about General Octavian which is a mixture between OTL and ATL.

Background HistoryEdit

The Senate protested on the matter of the rightful heir to Caesar's position and refused to accept Octavian Caesar as the succesor. They denied that Octavian is a blood relative of Caesar, therefore they stated that since Octavian was not a blood relation to Caesar, he could not claim the throne, even if it went against Caesar's will. Instead, they proclaimed Sirus Helios as the rightful dictator of Rome. When the Roman Army heard that they would be cut to minimum numbers and have their budget reduced by Sirus Helios to cover his immense gambling debts, the generals went wild. It was bad enough having Sirus as their leader, but having their profesions destroyed was even worse. And then, to top it all off, Sirus proclaimed that a) he was putting up the taxes, b) he was scrapping 5 entire legions of the Roman army and 7 auxillary legions and c) that he was to become commander-in-chief of the entire Roman army without any military training. Europe was immediately swept into a massive civil war... Then, to make matters worse, many of the Germanic tribes invaded to try and capture the land of the Roman Empire. The very day that the war begins, Marcus Brutus raises an army and decides to join in...


When the war starts, Rome is in the hands of Sirus.

Points of DifferenceEdit

  • Marcus Brutus lays claim to power at Caesar's death bu the rest of the Senate do not support him. However, many of the legions are on his side so he decides to take the throne by force
  • Sirus Helios becomes Caesar's succesor
  • Octavian is denied the throne
  • Civil war breaks out in Rome
  • Mark Antony never rose to success as he never became a consul
  • Octavian never becomes Augustus as he doesn't take the throne
  • Rome stays as a republic as Octavian does not pronounce himself Emperor as he is not on the throne
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