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*Novgrad Republic:
*Novgrad Republic:
*'''Republic of Moscow (Provisonal Russia)'''
*'''Republic of Moscow (Provisonal Russia) '''Revolution 9
**'''Siberia (Client of Moscow):'''
**'''Siberia (Client of Moscow): '''Revolution 9

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<Insert Token Zombie facts here> 

Welcome to Life After Death, a game about Civilization after/in the Zombie Apcolypse. It has been 13 years since patient 0, and humanitiy has begun to reorginize in several regions, but zombies are still the apex predetor and outnumber humans roughly 30 to 1. Can you rebuild humanity, or will you be consumed? 


  1. This is not THAT game. This is not trying to be THAT game. Don't draw comparisons, don't call this THAT game.
  2. The Game will start off with a few select nations, then players will be allowed to create their own. More on that later.
    1. A nation profile or full nation page (perfered) is required for any player created nations. To learn more about Pre-made nations, message Edge.
      • Profiles should have: Nation's full name, gov type, quick summary of history, population, area it is located, and Score, more on that later.
    2. Population of the PLANET is ~300,000,000 living people.
  3. During each turn, you may do one of the following:
    1. Increase one of your Scores by 1*Nation Stage
    2. Expand your nation
    3. Cleanse an area
    4. Wage or continue wars
  4. Mod rulings are final in every aspect. 
  5. You may not carve puppets/vassals from your own nation. You may create puppet/vassals to use in your turn and in wars, but they will be closely monitored.
  6. Score is used in algorithim to scale things like power of army and navy. For more, see the algo on the talk page. 




Bold Nations Require 2 of the following: 300 Edits on the MGW. 250 edits on the AH wiki. 1 month on either wiki. Express Mod approval negates the requirements. Italics Nations require 1 of the above, mod approval, or 2 of the following: 50 edits on MGW. 20 edits on AH wiki. 60 edits combinded between the two.


North America

  • Provisonal Government of the United States of America:
  • Provisonal Canada:
  • Yucatan:
  • Baja:
  • Republic of Free California:
  • Pheonix Republic
  • Deseret:
  • The Commonwealth of New England
  • New York:
  • Cuba:

South America

  • Andean Republics:
  • United Republics of Uruguay and Buenos Aires: #PraiseRoosevelt.
  • Paraguay:
  • Bolivia:
  • Provisonal Brazil:
  • Amazon Collective:
  • Provisonal Colombia:
  • Provisonal Venenzulea:
  • Guyana Federation:

Northern Europe

  • Republic of London:
  • Provisonal England
  • Provisonal Scotland
  • Provisonal Wales
  • Provisonal Northern Ireland:
  • Provisonal Ireland: Spar
  • Cornwall
  • Essex:
  • Provsional Denmark:
  • Provisonal Norway
  • Provisonal Sweden
  • Provisonal Finland

Western Europe

  • Castile:
  • Aragon:
  • Provisonal Spain:
  • Granada:
  • Provisional Galacia:
  • Republic of Brittany:
  • Republic of Burgandy:
  • Provisonal France:
  • Provisonal Netherlands
  • Provisonal Belguim

Eastern Europe

  • Munich:
  • Hamburg:
  • Berlin:
  • Republic of East Germany:
  • Provisonal Germany:
  • Batlic Union:
  • Novgrad Republic:
  • Pskov:
  • Republic of Moscow (Provisonal Russia) Revolution 9
    • Siberia (Client of Moscow): Revolution 9
  • Volvagrad:
  • Kiev:

Southern Europe and the Balkans

  • Republic of Milan
  • Republic of Genoa
  • Republic of Sardania
  • Republic of Corisica
  • Provisonal Italy:
  • Naples
  • Venice:
  • Sicily:
  • Provisonal Greece
  • Croatia:
  • Serbia:
  • Provisonal Turkey:
  • Cyprus:
  • Crete:

Central Asia

East Asia

Middle East

  • Mecca and Medina (Provisonal Saudi Arabia):
  • Yemen:
  • Oman:
  • Kuwait:
  • Provisonal Iraq
  • ISIL:
  • Provisonal Israel:
  • Provisonal Palestine:
  • Syria:
  • Syrian Rebels:
  • Kurdish Rebels:
  • Provisonal Iran:


  • Provisonal India:

North Africa

  • Provisonal Egypt:
  • Alexandria:
  • Cartharage:

Central Africa

West Africa

  • Provisonal Nigeria:

East Africa

  • Provisonal Kenya:
  • Rwanda:

South Africa

  • Republic of Capetown
  • Provisonal South Africa:


  • Provisonal Australia:
  • New Zealand: Captainjohnrex (talk) 11:44, September 17, 2015 (UTC)
  • Provisonal Indonesia:

Remeber that everywhere where people can live, people are living. Nomadic Scavengers, small safe zones, and even self sufficant communites, exist pretty much every where, even if no "nation" resides there.

The blank areas are completly open for custom Nations.

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