1. Hungary, Yugoslavia and Austria are to agree on a common racially stable boundary.
  2. Montenegro and Albania are to be given new, racially correct borders to.
  3. France is to evacuate Germany, except for the Saarland, which they shall hold for 10 years.
  4. The Dutch and Belgians shall withdraw from Germany.
  5. Italy is to evacuate Corsica, but France will hand over to Italy Savoy and Nice.
  6. Libya will become a Anglo-Egyptian condominium, like Sudan is, but only until independence in 1922.
  7. The ethnically mixed Banat Republic (it's in and around OTL Novi Sad and Timișoara) will be a Hungarian client state.
  8. The British will withdraw there forces from Luxembourg. 
  9. The British will withdraw there forces from the various enclaves in Italy.
  10. A Polish, Estonian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Finnish, Serbian, Lithuanian and Macedonian nation are to be made.
  11. The El Riff Berber Tribal Federation is to become a separate French protectorate outside of Morocco.
  12. A united and independent Persia.
  13. Romania is to be recreated as a Austrian/Hungarian/Bulgarian condominium with racially correct borders, but only until independence in 1925.
  14. The political recondition of- Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Mongolia, Sultanate of Sulu, Kingdom of Hejaz, Saudi Sultanate of Nejd, Emirate of Asir, Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen and Albania.
  15. The British will consolidate there holdings in central Asia and not advance any deeper in to Russia.
  16. The Bylorussian state is to be a Russian client state.


Lincoln Peace Treaty of 1919 (WW1 rerun)

The new world order?



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Royal Germany

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