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Country territories

Country owns regions of (old region names): Lietland, Little Lithuania, Upper Mazovia (only part), Kurland, Estlandet, Gotland, Gotaland, Svealand. 

Lithuanian lands.

Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Economy.

Lithuania is communist country (since 1931) with capital in Kaunas. Ruled by Jonas Zemaitis. Lithuania has about 20'100'000 citizens. It has good and growing economy (class 3) and good army (class 3). Country has trading agreements with USSR, Great Britain, Japan and Germany. Military alliance with USSR and Britain. Non-Aggression Pact with Poland.

Infrastructure and production: Factories and good airports in all important cities (see below). Many towns have their own low quality airports and military barracks in case of war. Railways connects biggest cities. Resources industry mostly produces food. Also coal is bought from USSR and refined. Iron and oil mined/drilled in Svealand and Norrland. Economical fleet transports goods and lets Lithuania trade with far-away countries.

Most important cities: Kaunas***, Riga**, Tallinn**, Stockholm**, Copenhagen**, Reykjavik**, Gothenburg**,Lulea**, Memel**, Vilnius**, Panevezys*, Malmo*, Parnu*, Daugavpils*, Liepaja*, Helsinborg*, Trelleborg*, Visby*, Norrkoping*, Linkoping*, Uppsala*, Siauliai, Marijampole, Telsiai, Jelgava, , Tartu, Narva, Viljandi.


Lithuanian military is divided into: Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF), Air Force of Lithuania (AFL) and Lithuanian Navy. With LAF HQ in Kaunas and AFL, Navy HQ in Riga. 


Kind of infantry: Present
Infantry (fully equiped) 585'000 Lithuania
Expeditionary forces 50'000 Lithuania
Desert Legion

350'000 Arabia

LT-6 Main battle tank


T-26  Tank 25
RailGuns 5
ArmaOne 3000
Artillery guns



Polikarpov_I-5 fighters

AFA Fighters


ABA Bombers 2000
"Zaibas" Helicopters 50


Aircraft Carrier 7


Corvettes 100
Destroyers 20
Cruisers 20
Frigates 20
Submarines 50
Patrol/guard ships 100
Transport vessels 500
Economical fleet vessels 1000

Major Events

  • 1930 Coup D'etat in Lithuania, Antanas Smetona goverment overthrown, Jonas Zemaitis starts his office.
    • Lithuanian Armed Forces officially formed.
    • Industrialisation started.Ultimatum for Latvia, Latvia is anexed by Lithuania.
    • Air Force of Lithuania formed
    • 5 trade agreements signed.
    • Referendum about communism.
    • Proposition of Vilnius region.
  • 1931 Lithuania decides to become communist country. Industry and property is nationalised.
    • Political alliance is signed with USSR.
    • Estonia refuses offer, Lithuanian Armed Forces enters Estonia and surrounds biggest cities.
    • Anti-Lithuanian organisation established. Members are mostly former Latvia and Estonia citizens.
  • 1932 Estonia was anexed and became part of Lithuania.
    • First resistance of Latvian nationalists started by Karlis Ulmanis.
  • 1933 Second LERO resistance.
    • Big navy project started.
    • First Lithuanian tank LT-1 introduced to army.
  • 1934 Vilnius reunited with Lithuania.
    • Commanders of LERO executed in Estonia.
    • Lithuania (OTL regions) fully industrialised, country reached economy/military cayegory level 2.
  • 1935 Military alliance with USSR. Lithuania-Sweden war started.
    • Gotland captured, Gotaland lost because of Swedish counterattack.
    • Sea blockade of Stockholm started.
    • Navy project is almost completed.
  • ​1936 Minor fails in Operation Svealand but everything goes ok.
    • ​Navy project finished.
    • POW army formed.
    •  Operation Svealand temporarily stoped because of some problems.
  • ​1937 Operation Svealand is inactive, troops being relocated to Lithuania mainland to help USSR fight poles.
    • War declared on Poland, after first battle Lithuania captures some lands.
    • USSR experiences it last defeat in Poland.
    • Embargo of Arab Confederation.
  • 1938 Lithuania and allies won the war of Poland.
    • Treaty of Kiev signed.
    • Lithuania disbands militia.
    • Operation RailBeast started.
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