Laivas Prezidentas Smetona

The Lithuanian warship Laivas Prezidentas Smetona.

Lithuanian Navy and resources: It did have a navy in 1933- the Lithuanian Naval Force. The Lithuanian warship Prezidentas Smetona was bought from Germany in 1927 and the were a couple of light boats (I think they were mine layers) inherited from leaving Tzarist Russia. It had its own ANBO I and ANBO IV aircraft.

Peat is a major product and could be burnt in briquette form (as in Ireland and Scotland) rather than sold as compost. Other products include fruit, milk, wheat and wood.

The Memel Territory was annexed in 1923 and was became a major port. Kannus, Klaipėda and Wilno had lot Jews, Poles, Russians and Belorussians in them.

Source- several pages on Wikipedia.

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