hello, I am lord falconis. When I first started map games, I noticed there was no good guide to map gaming. Today I will show you the ropes of map gaming.

By the way, I tend to use visual editor. And so this is for that. If you need help to get there, find fandom's article on it.

A few terms defined:

  1. Algorithm: an algorithm is a set of instructions that determines success in military battles.
  2. Mapmaker: this person is the one who makes edits to the map so that players can see the movements.
  3. Pages/articles: anything on the wiki, plus its talk page. (Created by hitting "contribute" at the top.
  4. Talk pages: connected to its respective article, used for discussion of the article. (See footnote 1)
  5. Althistory: another, separate wiki on wikia, also short for alternative history.
  6. Point of divergence: when a map game splits of the real world. (If it's althistory)
  7. Rules: if you really need it defined, instructions to play the game (see footnote 2)
  8. Wikitext: used for special fonts on wikia. (See "wikitext" below)
  9. Pixels (px): for map game purposes, they are little squares on maps that are used for measurements.

A map game usually consists of 4 parts:

  1. The rules: instructions on how it is to be played (see footnote 2)
  2. Sign up sheet: lists the nations that you can play as
  3. The map: a visual representation of the events in the game, edited only by the mapmaker
  4. The turns: where you can say what your nation

Wikitext: to link to another page, use two ['S, then a thing should popup saying "link". Type in the name of the article. To use separate different sections with bold text, use ==, then your text, then == . To create a signature, use -~~~~.

(Any additions to the rules go here:)

Examples for looking at are here: map games

Footnote 1: talk pages are accessible by clicking "talk" by the top "edit" sign (not accessible from mobile sites (see footnote 3)

Footnote 2: rules are usually defined in the map game article

Footnote 3: to get out of the mobile site, click "full site" on the bottom of the page

Hope you liked my guide, lord falconis.

Also see Edit

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