The Lunar Secessionist Front is a separatist movement that wants Luna (Earth's Moon) to become Independent. it spreads Propaganda on the Internet, Extranet and even news, it has also made several attacks on independent Trade routes and even important buildings on the surface of the moon, but has blamed other organzations

New lunar republic emblem by metrukuta-d4tp7m8

Flag of the Lunar Secessionist Front


the Lunar Secessionist Fornt was established in 2045, after some colonies like Luna City, New Berlin and New Shanghai were built, it made several attacks on Independent Trade Routes and even government/important buildings on the surface of the moon.



the Lunar Secessionist Front is a Separist movement. the Luna Secessionist Front wants to establish a Lunar Republic, free from oppression from the Supranational unions and Megacorporations on earth, currently it has TBD members.

List of Terrorist Attacks made by the Lunar Secessionst FrontEdit

List of attacks on Trade Routes made by the Lunar Secessionist FrontEdit


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