The year is 1930. Turkey has won its independence, but many are seeking to avenge their national defeat. Pan Turkic Ideologies are spreading across Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the Turkic lands currently under control of the Soviet Union. Boran Koksal, leader the the Turkish National Party, promises a Great Turkic Empire and a reconquest of Greece. The tide may be turning in their favor, as fascism is rising in other European countries, as well as Japan. Koksal seizes power and the nation begins to ramp up production and revive its economy. Many European states fear the return of the Ottoman Empire, but they have to deal with domestic threats, both Socialist and Fascist. Will you succumb to the Turkish Rebirth? Or will you become a patriot for your nation you lead and push out the invaders?

Nations Edit

Europe: Edit

Great Turkish Social Republic - Warrioroffreedom123

Italian Social Republic -

Weimar Republic -

National Socialist German Rebels -

Great Britain -

France -

Asia Edit

Pan Turkic Party in Azerbaijan - Warrioroffreedom123

Pan Turkic Party in USSR - Warrioroffreedom123

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