Current Map Games:Edit

these is the list of Current map games.

  • Ad Adveniat Mundi - This Game is in the verge of death, but it can be Restored to life.Needs Players.
  • An Alternate 1921 Map Game - The Indusputable most Succesfull game in the Map Game Wiki, its as well the longest live map game in the Wiki, Its currently in the mid fifties .Needs Players.
  • The 1490 Map Game - Promising map game set in the Colonial era.Needs Players.
  • Orbis Terrarum Map Game - Map Game set in the Fall of Rome in 476, its currently in the year 492.Needs Players.
  • Greater Americas (Map Game) - Its in the edge of death, it has only had 4 turns, but it grow back to life.Needs Players.
  • Almost Map Game - Another succesfull mapgame
  • No Americas Map Game - Succesfull but it was forced to restart in an different Era by the Game founder,Needs Players.
  • Saeculus Lumini Map Game - Fairly simple map game set in the beginning of the Fall of the Spanish crown and Previous to the Seven years war. Needs Players.
  • Empires of the ages (map game) - game without a million rules that may finnaly revive the wiki cause it aint dead.
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