It has had several previous times of high usage!:

  1. 2010-2012 under Batacon, High Guys and Tabor;
  2. 2012-2013 under High Guys, Wipsenade, Daxus Inferno and Local Maffia Boss;
  3. 2013- mid 2014 under Sine de Gorium, Wipsenade, Daxus Inferno and Local Maffia Boss;
  4. Late 2014 under Daxus Inferno and Sine de Gorium;
  5. Late 2015-early 2016 under Wikibuilder and Kiki333;
  6. Mid 2016 under Lord Falconis and Trish Pt7;
  7. Late 2016 under Mr. Orwell, Im' the Guy, Bosniball, Bibleboyd316, Dev27, Chiltern Hills and others;
  8. Early 2017 under Firesofdoom, Adolf Coffee, BearCavalry, The.Brick.Battle and others;
  9. Mid 2017 under Bibleboyd316, Mr.Orwell, Adolf Coffee, Lord falconis and others;
  10. Late 2017 under Mli048, Todetode, Colgan Dog, Katie P. Perry, Didcot1 and others.
  11. Early 2018 under Zsasza, Brotherhood of Steel - Jbrown872, El Jefe 316, Kingconor, Colgan dog, Chief40, Vandenhoek, Thecoldmalsyw and Wallyparker.
  12. Mid 2018 under Wallyparker, Vandenhoek, Zsasza, Zamarak, 500, Kingconor, Tullina and Adolf Coffee.
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