It has had several previous times of high usage and the most eadits at these points were by!:

  1. 2010-2012 under Batacon, High Guys and Tabor;
  2. 2012-2013 under High Guys, Wipsenade, Daxus Inferno and Local Maffia Boss;
  3. 2013- mid 2014 under Sine de Gorium, Wipsenade, Daxus Inferno and Local Maffia Boss;
  4. Late 2014 under Daxus Inferno and Sine de Gorium;
  5. Late 2015-early 2016 under Wikibuilder and Kiki333;
  6. Mid 2016 under Lord Falconis and Trish Pt7;
  7. Late 2016 under Mr. Orwell, Im' the Guy, Bosniball, Bibleboyd316, Dev27, Chiltern Hills and others;
  8. Early 2017 under Firesofdoom, Adolf Coffee, BearCavalry, The.Brick.Battle and others;
  9. Mid 2017 under Bibleboyd316, Mr.Orwell, Adolf Coffee, Lord falconis and others;
  10. Late 2017 under Mli048, Todetode, Colgan Dog, Katie P. Perry, Didcot1 and others.
  11. Early 2018 under Zsasza, Brotherhood of Steel - Jbrown872, El Jefe 316, Kingconor, Colgan dog, Chief40, Vandenhoek, Thecoldmalsyw and Wallyparker.
  12. Mid 2018 under Wallyparker, Vandenhoek, Zsasza, Zamarak, 500, Kingconor, Tullina and Adolf Coffee.
  13. October 2018 to March 2019 under Cilety and Leonidas huh.
  14. June-October 2019 under Hdjensofjfnen and Leonidas huh.
  15. October-November 2019 under The EAS Mapper and Leonidas huh.
  16. April 2020 to present date under Lego Qbrick, Marrybore, EoGuy99, Todetode, Bluepotato81, IP:, Minion Bob Kevin Stuart, Hdjensofjfnen, IP:, IP:, IP: and User talk:MohnJarston.
  • Todetode is now only acting as a caretaker, spam remover and vandalism remover. It busy on their winkis since mid and stopped gaming in early to mid 2018. EoGuy99 visits at times to correct both spelling and grammar errors in the text.
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