Map Games are collaborative games in which a starting map is posted and players take turns making changes to the map and posting events. Map Games were first introduced on the Alternate History wiki, where they grew in popularity. Because of this most map games deal with alternate history, or some form of past events.

For a full list of map games on this wiki, please see the Map Games Category.

General GuidelinesEdit

Each map game has its own particular set of rules. These are general guidelines for playing all games.

Naming Conventions: When creating a new map game, name the main page of the game "NAME (Map Game)" this will help keep the wiki more organized. Try to give it a name that represents the game, such as the era when it takes place, or the region accompanied by the start date.

Categories: When creating a new map game, make sure to create a new category for it. The category should be the name of your game.

Archiving: Map Games should be archived periodically to prevent pages from becoming too large.

Duplicate Games: When creating a game, look through the list of defunct games, if one matches what you were planning and didn't advance very far, try reviving that first.

Defunct Games: If a game goes defunct (Hasn't been edited in seven days), it should be marked with the defunct category.

List of Current Map GamesEdit

See Map Games Category.

Defunct GamesEdit

For the most part, games are marked defunct due to inactivity, if you feel like continuing a defunct map game feel free as long as it is not one of the few that have finished. This list is incomplete.

See Defunct Map Games Category.

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