Masako Akira
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Park Geun-hye
Portrait of Masako Akira

36th Reichsleiterin of Neubayern
1014 — 1026

Predecessor: Konstantin Wolff
Successor: Rudolf Eiser
Kaiser(in): Heinrich III

Parlamentsmitglied for Diensburtel
1002 — 1029

Predecessor: Igneas Kollins
Successor: Agnes Hiedler
Birth: 2nd February 952 (Age 115)
Freiheit, Neubayern
Political party: Democratic Unity Front (DEN)

The Honourable Masako Akira, PM (Orientalian: 明 雅子, pronunciation: a-KI-ra ma-SA-ko; born 2 February 952) is a Neubayer stateswoman. She was the thirty-sixth Reichsleiterin of Neubayern, and last served the 78th Premiership. She is the first person of Orientalian descent to be elected as Reichsleiter/in. Akira was also a member of Reichsparlament and served nine complete consecutive parliamentary terms as a constituency representative between 1002 and 1029 before being voted out in favour of Nadem candidate Agnes Hiedler.

Early lifeEdit

Masako Akira was born to South Orientalian immigrants Haruko and Sonagi Akira on 2 February 952 in the city of Freiheit, Neubayern. Contrary to popular belief, she has never lived in South Orientalia, and by the time Masako was born, Haruko and Sonagi had both been living in Neubayern for quite some time – they had both been Neubayer citizens since childhood. Haruko was an engineer and Sonagi a schoolteacher. Masako is the second of four children. Her elder brother, Tenshi, was a member of the Dietrich Ducal Congress.

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