This conference is to resolve the growing conflict in Africa.

Invited Nations Edit

  • Ethiopia
  • Eritrea
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Russia (host)
  • China
  • Germany (observer)

Proposals Edit

Russian Proposal Edit

  • All hostilities cease by nations attending
  • Ethiopia gain the Southern Red Sea region of Eritrea.
  • Ethiopia gains South Kurdufan, Blue Nile, Al Qadarif, Sennar and White Nile regions (Remember, South Sudan allied with Ethiopia, and Sudan with Eritrea.... I can't do anything until you solve this - AM) (Sorry forgot that South Sudan was independent. Changed it accordingly- Person)
  • Ethiopia must allow people to leave the regions they annex.
  • Ethiopia must accept the rights of those who chose to stay.
  • South Sudan to receive West Kurdufan regions of Sudan
  • South Sudan must not persecute those in their received territories.

Sudan Dip: We accept

Eritrea dip: We accept.

~~~ treaty was signed, changes were made ~~~

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