The Michigan Civil War was a conflict that began on March 3rd, 1933, and ended on May 5th of the same year. The cause of the conflict was the coup by the UFM, or United Fascists of Michigan, which began establishing a totalitarianism government. However, surviving members of the pervious government quickly created a rival government in Flint, which was less then 50 miles away. This lead to most of the thumb of Michigan coming under the control of the Federal Government, and a civil war ensued.

First engagementsEdit

The first battles of the civil war were fought around Pontiac, which held some of the key tank factories in Michigan. The UFM held the city under occupation, and were already taking control of several towns. The UFM General, Gerald Hughes, even began ordering the mass execution of political 'dissidents'.

These actions resulted in the Federal Government giving the taking Pontiac priority. An army of over 5,000 men launched an offensive to take the city, commanded by General Harold Sherman.

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