Mitt Romney
Willard Mitt Romney

Romney in 2013
46th President of the United States
In Office:
January 20th, 2025-April 17th, 2028
Vice President:Sarah Palin(2025-2028)
Preceded by:Hillary R. Clinton
Succeeded by:Sarah Palin
70th Governor of Massachusetts
In Office:
January 2, 2003-January 4, 2007
LieutenantKerry Healey
Preceded by:Jane Swift(Acting)
Succeeded by:Deval Patrick
Personal Details
Born:March 12, 1947
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Died:April 17th, 2028 (age 81)
Washington D.C., USA
Spouse:Ann Davis (m. 1969-2028[his death])
Children:5 sons
Political party:Republican
Religion:LDS (Mormon)

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Willard "Mitt" Romney (March 12, 1947 - April 17, 2028) was the second shortest president in a term (the other being William H. Harrison [1841]). He and his vice-president, Sarah Palin were assassinated on the same day and time only 3 years in office. In the short he was in not much had happened. Only thing that really happened in his presidency was the rebuilding of New York City and the USA's occupation in Iraq and Syria.


File:Old Mit.jpg
On the morning of April 17th, 2028 Romney and Palin planned to make a speech in the Rose Garden in the White House. The speech was planned to start around 4:30pm that evening. Across the street a pro-ISIS militant decided it was his "reason for living" to take out the president, even though Hillary Clinton was no-longer president he still went ahead with his plan. At 4:45pm when the president started his speech with the vice-president behind him. 2 minutes later at precisely 4:47pm the ISIS militant fired the first shot which hit the president in the chest, he toppled over the podium and landed on one the guests at the speech and died. As the vice-president stumbled backwards she was shot in the heart which she died instantly and fell into a rose bush. The guests fled and screamed in all different directions and the secret service evacuated everyone and moved the president and vice-president into the white house and moved into the hospital in the White House and was pronounced dead 30 minutes later. The killer was caught fleeing with the weapon and was arrested. The Speaker of the House was inaugurated the next hour. Many of the secrurity for the president was increeced and many generals and the head of the Secret Service were fired because of this event.
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