Morocco (Long Live Europe!)
Kingdom of Morocco
Timeline: Long Live Europe!
Flag of Morocco [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms

(""God, Homeland, King"")

Capital: Rabat
Largest city: Casablanca
Other cities: Marrakesh, Fez, Tangier, Laâyoune, Funchal and Las Palmas.
Moroccan Darija Arabic, Saharan Hassānīya Arabic, Tamazight Berber, French and Spanish.
  others: Algerian Dziria Arabic, Tuareg and Portuguese.
Sunni Islam
  others: Shi'ite Islam, Jews and Catholic Christians.
Demonym: Moroccan
Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy
King: Mohammed VI of Morocco
Prime Minister: Abbas El Fassi
710,850 km2 km²
  water (%): Coastal waters on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Population: 32,685,245. 
Established: 1956
Currency: Moroccan Dirham
Time zone: UTC
Organisations: Arab League, CITES, IOC, FIFA, UN, Arab Maghreb Union, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Community of Sahel-Saharan States.

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The largly agriculture and tourism based country is mostly stable and doing well, but the SDR has a ongoing rebellion in the Sahawasi town of Tifariti. The 383,378 Sahawasi wish to form thire own nation in W. Sahara. Madeira and the Canary Islands have devolved governments.

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