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Mycenae, officially Kingdom of Mycenae, is a small city-state located in the Mediterranean. Mainland lands are situated in Kriti and a few colonies. Its capital is Knossos in Kriti. Mycenae is currently ruled by Emperor Heron II

Society[edit | edit source]

Lands and territories[edit | edit source]

Lands of Mycenae are divided into five types (sorted by size).

Polis - a city, every city in Mycenae (like Knossos or Apollonia) is classified as a Polis.

Province - a organized region, there are 50 provinces in Kriti, 20 provinces in Kýpros, 14 provinces in Koúkos and 22 provinces in Nea Knossos, totally there are 106 provinces in Mycenae.

Colony - an overseas settlement, all overseas territories are Colonies, like Koúkos or Kýpros.

Landscape - a larger variant of Province, some Land regions are Greater Knossos etc, most Landscapes are much larger that Provinces.

Region - a whole island or land, Kriti and Kýpros are Regions.

Administration[edit | edit source]

The Emperor has half-Absolute power, but the Emperor's decisions are the highest. Knossos is the most important city in Mycenaean politics. There are a few political branches that are listed here (listed by the size of power).

Royal Court - This is the most important political branch in Mycenae. Most decisions, both political and military, are made here by the Emperor. The Royal Court serves as the Emperor's extended household, the Royal Court is composed of the Emperor and 50 noblemen that decide the decisions of the government of Mycenae.

Megálo Gerousía - The most important political branch after the Royal Court. Half of the decisions of Mycenae are made here, by either Senators or Nobles, there are several movements or 'political parties' that are sorted after a Senators opinions. Megálo Gerousía was established by Emperor Alexander I 'The Magnificent' in 920 BC.

Council of Kriti - This political branch decides the decisions in Kriti. Proposals are sent from here to the Megálo Gerousía.

Colonial Governorate - The Colonial Governorate decides all the colonies decisions.

Culture, Religion and People[edit | edit source]

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Mycenae has two allies, Sparta and Athens, Mycenae also have trade agreements with Sparta and Athens. Trade agreements also are signed with Udahaddar.

Military[edit | edit source]

Army[edit | edit source]

The Army is strong, with armor being strong.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Most infantry soldiers have strong armor either made of Silver or Gold, the same with Swords and Spears.

Navy[edit | edit source]

Mycenae has a good navy, as most ship techniques were brought from Athens or our ancestors, the Minoans. Ship strategy is also good, as in most battles the Ships form strategical formations.

History[edit | edit source]

Much of Mycenae's history was contributed by the Minoans, there were a few Emperors before Cyrus III.

Cyrus III[edit | edit source]

Theodorus V[edit | edit source]

Linus I[edit | edit source]

Alexander I[edit | edit source]

Heron I[edit | edit source]

Heron II[edit | edit source]

Pelagios IV[edit | edit source]

Alexander III[edit | edit source]

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