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Main info (Players)Edit


Nation Size Economy Ep Edp Military Mp Exp multipl. Max expansion
Athens >2500px Good 8 21

Great power

7 70 1050
Colonia Copia Claudia >1000px Fragile



Local garrison

3 50 350
Mycenaea >100px Fair 7 17 Regional power 6 50 650
Edinburgh >2500px Good 8 21 Great power 7 70 1050
Cambridge >639px Good 8 21 Great power 7 20


Suehan >340px Developing 5 10 Local Power 4 20 220
Nineveh >937px Fair 4 7 Insignificant power 3 20 350
Leinster >1000px Developing 5 12 Local Power 4 50 550
Steraling 550px Growing 1 2 N/A 0 20 10

Inactive (?)Edit

Hollandia 579px Growing 1 2 Local garrison 1 60
Ulster 590px Growing 1 2 Local garrison 1 60
Udahaddar 1275px Developing 5 12 Local Power 4 450

Other info (players)Edit

Nation Ruler Capital city° Self-identify as°° Culture°°° Language°°° Religion°°°
Athens Aches Athenae City-state Hellenic Greek Hellenic Polytheism
Hollandia King Jan I Rotterdam Kingdom Hollandic Hollandic Hollandic People's Religion
Colonia Copia Claudia Aeternos the Great Lyon Aristocracy (?) Gaul Gallic
Ulster King Lugh Foyle Kingdom Irish (?) Unknown Unknown
Mycenaea Pelagios IV Knossos Kingdom Hellenic Greek Hellenic Polytheism
Edinburgh King Drest Edinburgh Tribal Kingdom Pictish Gaelic Druidic Based Polytheism
Udahaddar Priestess Issohadar Iglesias Oligarchy Nuraghic Nuraghi Nuraghic polytheism
Cambridge King George I Cambridge Kingdom Angli Anglish Unknown
Leinster King Seannaigh II of House of O'Purgaheil Baile Átha Cliath Kingdom Irish Gaelic Celtic Polytheism
Suehan Takel-ahista Kelisten Tribal city-state Germanic Germanic-Swedish(both) miscellaneous local polytheists and Germanic polytheists and atheists (basically lots of stuff)

°Even tho players specified the location of their capital cities with modern names, they may refer to it any way they wish.

°°Country can identify its political status regardless of category (official status), that is based solely on size.

°°°Your country, your choice.

Non-player statesEdit

Nation Economy Ep Military Mp
Egypt Stronk 11 Continental Power  9
Carthage Thriving 11 Great Power 8
Tingis Weak 4 Defensive Power 3
Iberiana Weak 4 Local garrison 2
Babylon Good 9 Great Power 8
Phoenicia Strong 10 Local Power 5


Weak 4 Local Power 5
Judea Weak 4 Local Power 5
Phrygia Good 9 Regional Power 7
Lydia Strong 10 Continental Power 9
Sparta Developing 6 Local Power 5
Pictish kingdoms* Weak 4 Defensive Power


Small tribes* Weak 4 Local garrison 2
Medium tribes* Fragile 5 Defensive Power 3
Big tribes* Developing 6 Local Power 5
  • They all get the same amount because it's really hard to do research on all of them.


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