General elections for the Neubayerisch Reichsparlament, 996
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993 ←
5th June 996
→ 999

All 590 seats in Reichsparlament
296 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 92.6%
  First party Second party Third party
  Koehlerhorst08032007 MerkelUnna2010 Christine Milne profile
Leader Konstantin Wolff Sara Mahler Nina August
Party DEN Liberal Greens
Leader since 10th March 993 4th May 989 5th October 992
Leader's seat Blumenhoff Hindenburg Altenstadt
Seats before 505 26 5
Seats won 142 297 85
Seat change –363 +271 +80

  Fourth party Fifth party
  SPN logo CDU logo
Leader Helmut Kröder Lothar Goethe
Leader since 4th August 987 15th April 978
Leader's seat Himmelsberg Nordpressburg
Seats before 15 10
Seats won 37 24
Seat change +22 +14

Reichsleiter before election

Konstantin Wolff

Elected Reichsleiter

Sara Mahler


The Neubayerisch General Reichsparlament Elections of 996 were held on 5th June 996, with 58,420,306 registered voters entitled to vote to elect members to Reichsparlament. Voting took place in all 590 electorates of the Reich, each electing one Parlamentsmitglied (PM) to Reichsparlament. It was the first universally multi-party general election.

Polls and commentators predicted the election would result in yet another DEN government, as support for the DEN was still quite strong at the time of the election. Opinion polls were eventually proven to have significantly underestimated the Liberal vote, which turned out to win 50.3% of seats, and thus become the new government under Sara Mahler. The DEN achieved victory in only 142 electorates, winning 24% of the vote. The Green Front emerged as the third major party, winning in 85 electorates.

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