This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

A second map game! This one is about the American civil war happening again, in the 21st century. It leads to other states starting their own civil war. Will a world war be prevented!?


Rules Edit

  • Do NOT do impausabillites. If you do 3, you are BANNED.
  • If you want to develop nukes in a country without them, you must wait 3 years from initiation date.
  • No racism/sexism
  • Use common sense
  • Mods/me get the final say.
  • Use real countries or real historical countries.
  • We need a confederate states of America.

Sign Up Edit

  • USA: Fester96
  • Canada:Chiltern Hills1 (talk) 04:46, August 20, 2016 (UTC)
  • Cancer Ltd: Removed because this is offensive and just plain stupid.

game starts at 5 players

2017 Edit


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