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Flag of the New Soviet Union


Capital: Saint Petersburg

Largest City: Saint Petersburg

Other cities: Moscow, Berlin, Munich, Warsaw, Novgorod, Kiev, Donetsk, Minsk, Vilnius, Prague, Tbilisi, Almaty

Official Language: None at federal level

Unofficial Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, German, Belarussian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Chechen, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Tartar

Demonym: Eurasian, Russian, Soviet

Religion: 80% Orthodox, 7% Catholic, 6% Muslim, 4% Buddhism, 3% Others

Government: Federation

Currency: Soviet Ruble

Internet TLD: .su .ro .uk .nr .br .pl .cs .mg .de .bt .md .nc .qq .qz .tm .sb



Governance Edit

The NSU has the following big political parties:

Demokraticheskaya partiya (Democratic Party)

Yedinyy (United)

Natsionalisticheskaya partiya (Nationalistic Party)

Otechestvo (Fatherland)

Sotsialisticheskaya partiya (Socialist Party)

Kommunisticheskaya partiya (Communist Party)

Ekologicheskaya partiya (Environmental Party)

Pravoslavnaya partiya (Orthodox Party)

Usileniye (Enhancement)

Chistaya Zemlya (Pure Earth)

Currently, the Nationalistic Party is the leading party, with Sergej Rushkovitsch as the current president. The Nationalistic Party works together with the Environmental Party and the Orthodox Party.

The party has not officially taken a true stance on the Transhumanist issue, and is officially neutral. However, several high standing members have declared to be against the mechanizing of humans, but both the president and the party have never picked a side. Research on Transhumanist technologies are allowed, but equipping humans with it is currently not legal. When the technologies are at a high enough level, humans can choose to be equipped with it. No human will be equipped without his/her consent, however, the Pedophilia Law does allow experimenting on pedophiles, they are the only exception. The party does support using machines in warfare, especially mechs.

The Nationalist Party is also supporter of both the death penalty and the right for every citizen 18+ to own a gun. Both of those are controversial within the NSU.

In 2056, an issue rose about pedophilia, which had been happening a lot during that period. The decision was made to lock up pedophiles, and experiment on them. Human rights activists have protested this decision, but the NSU is not willing to let go of this law. Only the Socialist Party doesn't support this law.

Military Edit

The NSU's military has three branches. Sovetskiye Sukhoputnyye Voyska(Soviet Ground Forces), Sovetskiye Voyenno-Morskiye Sily(Soviet Naval Forces) and Sovetskiye Vozdushnyye Sily (Soviet Aerial Forces). The ground and aerial forces also have several different classes within them. The Ground Forces have the Pekhota class(Infantry), Bak class(Tank) and Mekh class (Mech). The Aerial Forces have the Desantnik class (Paratrooper) and the Pilot class (Pilot).

Foreign RelationsEdit

Perhaps the most well known thing of the New Soviet Union's foreign relations is the ongoing Second Cold War. The NSU is typically put down to hate the USA and India, but this is a rumor not based on facts, as the NSU actually has neutral relations towards India. There are no formal relations between the USA and the NSU.

The NSU's biggest ally is China.

Administrative DivisionsEdit



Capital: Moscow

Language: Russian

Prime-Minister: Dimitri Vlakovi

Year of joining: 2020


Capital: Kiev

Language: Ukrainian

Prime-Minister: Arseni Rakteronaschuk

Year of joining: 2020


Capital: Donetsk

Languages: Russian, Tartar

Prime-Minister: Fernando Junavitsch


Capital: Minsk

Language: Belarussian

Prime-Minister: David-Sebastian Larkov

Year of joining: 2020


Capital: Warsaw

Language: Poland

Prime-Minister: Jan Povra

Year of joining: 2037


Capital: Prague

Language: Czech, Slovak

Prime-Minister: Tomas Koller

Year of joining: 2040


Capital: Budapest

Language: Hungarian

Prime-Minister: Johann von Kraut

Year of joining: 2040


Capital: Berlin

Language: German

Prime-Minister: Erik Heimer

Year of joining: 2040

Baltica Edit

Capital: Vilnius

Languages: Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian

Prime-Minister: John Karolina

Year of joining: 2037


Capital: Chisinau

Language: Romanian

Prime-Minister: Feron Juranoschuk

Year of joining: 2030


Capital: Grozny

Language: Chechen

Prime-Minister: Dimitar al-Makhachkala

Year of separation (from Russia): 2024


Capital: Tbilisi

Languages: Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani

Prime-Minister: Shoga Arveladze

Year of establishment(merger of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan): 2024


Capital: Almaty

Language: Kazakh

Prime-Minister: Vladimir Jenko

Year of joining: 2020


Capital: Ashgaban

Languages: Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajiki, Kyrgyz

Year of establishment(merger of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan): 2036


Capital: Novosibirsk

Language: Russian

Year of separation (from Russia): 2069

Slavosnia Edit

Capital: Sarajevo

Languages: Croatian, Bosnian

Year of joining: 2081

Info on StatesEdit


Oblasts: Muscovy, Karelia, Pskov, Perm, Archangelsk, Komi, Saratov


Regions: Brandenburg, Nethersaxony, Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, Saarland, Rhineland, Hesse


Oblasts: Kiev, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Poltava


Oblasts: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Khersom, Odessa, Crimea


Club CompetitionEdit

Zenit Saint-Petersburg

Kuban Krasnodar

Dynamo Saint-Petersburg

Spartak Kiev

Astana FC

CSKA Moscow

Bayern Munchen


Sparta Praha


Shaktar Donetsk

CSKA Sebastopol

Zorya Luhansk

Slask Wroclaw

Legia Warszawa

Borussia Dortmund

FC Köln

Dynamo Moscow

Metalist Kharkiv


State Competition Edit

There is also a state competition, in which the national football teams of the states play against each other. Germany is the most successful in this competition, followed by Russia and Poland

National Football Team Edit

Goalkeepers Edit

Johan Alberg

Vladimir Jurakin

Erik von Oberhaus

Defenders Edit

Sascha Gargarin

Jan Gauck

Juan Silva

Kevin Joerovitsch

Yuri Kerzhakov

Petr Neved

Robin Koeman

Anatoliy Janukovitsch

Midfielders Edit

Andrej Pavyluchenko

Jürgen Müller

Robert Blascykowski

Jakob Podolski

Piotr Esti

Sergio Kramer

Attackers Edit

Roman Dimitri

Dimitri Jansen

Johann Klose

Pieter van der Heijden

Mike al-Sharlak

Sean Kloosterman

2078 State CompetionEdit

Round 1Edit

Rus-Kaz 3-0 1-2

Ger-Nrs 5-2 0-3

Pol-Blr 1-1 2-0

Csl-Tur 7-0 0-0

Ukr-Spt 6-1 4-0

Hun-Che 1-0 3-1

Cau-Mol 1-1 0-0

Bal-Sib 1-2 4-8

Round 2 Edit

Rus-Ukr 4-2 1-6

Ger-Mol 13-1 2-0

Che-Blr 1-2 1-1

Bal-Csl 3-3 2-2

Round 3 Edit

Rus-Blr 2-0 3-2

Csl-Ger 0-3 2-0

Final Edit

Rus-Ger 4-3

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