This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

This will be a map game set ehh... letts say 3017. It will be scifi-esque, but a mod will check for Plausibility.

Backstory Edit

The year is 2067. Humanity is almost ready to start colonizing space. But, out of a vortex of energy, comes an alien race with far more advanced weapons. They easily conquer all of Earth, regressing civilization to a primitive hunter/gatherer life. But, in 2081, a human leader named Hernandaar Pafali leads Earth in a rebellion. They quickly regain their technology and reverse engineer the aliens technology. As of 3016, a few nations form. These nations are on the brink of conflict. Each nation has their own unique weapons and tech, how will they react, when there is war?

Mods Edit

Mapmaker: trish, can you do the map here? If not i can do it myself.

Plausibility mod: epic, can you please man this station? Ok I think I will play as a Germanic Nation

Algorithim mod: post on talk page if you want this position.

Nations Edit

All nations are player created, and must include at least 1 paragraph, and include: a description of who they are and how they came to be, and a basic description of their strengths and weaknesses. Note: create own article, not here!

Greater Austria-Prussia-Saxony-Bavaria and friends (Greater Germany) - Epic (unfinished)

Flag of Pacific UnionUnion of South Eastern Nations(New Terran Regimens)-User:Sidewinder291102

Flag of Indomadagascarean RepublicIndo-madagasgarean republic (new terran regimens)-User:Lord falconis

The MapEdit

New Terran Regimens

The game Edit

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