New Washington D.C.

New Washington D.C.
Established:Old Washington:July 16, 1790
New Washington:July 4, 2045
Area:100.67 sq miles
Population:178,465,980 people (2047 census)
Capacity:356,931,960 people
Government:• Mayor: Franklin G. Brandon (R)
Status: Active
New Wasington D.C. (Originaly: Washington D.C.) is the capital of the United States of America. The original capital was burned down and destroyed after rioters destroyed because of the possile impeacement of President Clinton and killed most of the population, due to the amount of violence and destruction of the city the president had no choise but to hit the city with missiles. When the president came to the top while being evacuated to Virginia. After the president was evacuated construction was immedity leveled and started re-building the city.
File:Capital after Riots.jpg
Everything was changed about the setup. All the original buildings were re-built as sky scarapers. The White House was put where the Capital Building once stood and the new Capital Building was put where the White House once stood. The Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial were put in the same place.
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