Commonwealth of Newfoundland
Timeline: Shattered Stars and Stripes: The New Deal
Dominion of Newfoundland Coat of arms of Newfoundland
Flag of Newfoundland Coat of Arms of Newfoundland
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Quaerite Prime Regnum Dei (English)
("Seek ye first the kingdom of God")

Anthem: "Ode to Newfoundland"
Capital: St John's
Other cities: Conception Bay South, Mount Pearl, Corner Brook
  other languages: Irish, French, Native languages
  other religions: Judaism, Native beliefs
Ethnic groups:
  other: Irish-Canadian, French-Canadian, Native American
Area: 381,969.68 Km2
Population: 430,000 (1945 est.)
Currency: Newfoundland dollar.

History Edit

Following Britain's defeat at the hands of the Axis powers in 1942 Canada was released as an independent nation. However it lacked the strength and unity to remain a single nation, quickly collapsing into several states. The then Governor Humphrey T. Walwyn, established an emergency government in St John's and quickly used the military units stationed on the island to obtain control over the rest of the Commonwealth.

In 1946 after several years of Stability the first democratic elections were held in the nation. The liberal party, headed by Joey Smallwood is victorious, Winning 68% of the votes and forming a majority government

Politics Edit

Military Edit

Royal Newfoundland Army Edit

In 1946 the size of the army is around 12,000. It was formed in the aftermath of the Canadian collapse using military units stationed in the region.

Infantry WeaponsEdit

Name Role Quantity Image
Lee Enfield Rifle, No. 4 Mk I Standard Issue Bolt Action Rifle 10,500
Lee-Enfield Mk III
Sten gun Submachine gun 3,000
Browning M1919 Medium Infantry Machine Gun 250
Browning M1919
M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun 100
M2 Browning


Name Role Quantity Image
QF 25 pounder Howitzer 25
QF 25 Pounder Gun
BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gun Field Gun 12
BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gun
Bofors 40 mm gun Anti-Aircraft Gun 6
Mk1 CFB Borden 1
Land Mattress Multiple rocket launcher 3
Land Mattress


Name Role Quantity Image
M3 stuart Light Tank 10
Stuart M3
Walwyn Mk1 Heavy tank 10
Churchill tank
Amherst-1 Medium Tank 13
Comet tank
Kangaroo Armoured personal carrier 15
Kangaroo tank

Royal Newfoundland Navy Edit

Ships Edit

Name Role Quantity Image
Tribal-class Destroyer 3
Tribal Class
River-class Frigate 2
HMS Annan (K404) IWM FL 624
Flower-class Corvette 5
Flower class

Boats Edit

Name Role Quantity Image
Algerine-class Minesweeper/patrol 7
Algerine Class

Royal Newfoundland Air force Edit

Provinces Edit

Flag Province Population Area (km²)
Carillon Flag.svg
Saint Lawrence Islands 12,400

Transition governments: Edit

  • The Maritimes.
  • Bermuda.

Foreign relations Edit

Politics Edit

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